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Metatron from Shin Meagmi Tensei

Metatron from Shin Meagmi Tensei

“The world is simply the word given form.”

Before Lawrence was placed in charge of the Host, before Lucifer ever considered defiance against the Lord, Heaven was managed by the grand Seraph Metatron, the Archangel of The Word. It is said that Metatron spoke with the Voice of God – and that so long as he existed there could be no question in regards to the divine plan, and no Free Will among the Angels.

It is for this reason that he was the first of the Host to die at Lucifer’s hand. Whether the Celestials have gained their Free Will is still an open question, but without Metatron to give God’s answer, there can be no certainty.

Many Servitors of the Word were outraged by Lucifer’s Betrayal and become some of Uriel‘s first Malakim. Others joined Jean, Yves, and Raphael – preserving as much knowledge of The Word as they could. And some fell, bringing their Words with them into Lucifer’s new dark domain.

Design Note

Before his death at the hands of Lucifer, Metatron was easily one of the most puisant Archangels. His abilities may, therefore, be a bit overpowered – though I have tried to keep them from being game breaking.

Because Metatron died before The Fall, and the Malakim, Grigori, and Lilim were all created after the fall – he would not have Servitors from any of these Choirs. However, since your world may differ, I have included mechanics anyway.


Any Servitor of Metatron is, by their very nature, a foreman of the Almighty. Should any of them speak a lie or take a break from a properly assigned task, the Angel will generate dissonance.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim – Metatron’s Most Holy act as the Voice of the Almighty. When one of these angels speaks, their words echo clearly through the Symphony. Their words can be heard as clearly as a Distrubance equal to their Celestial Forces would be. The affect may be augmented with Essence.

Cherubim(restricted) – Whenever a Cherub in service to Metatron comes into contact with a Word (through speech, text, or experience), they may use their Resonance to attune themselves to the Word.

Ofanim – Because the Voice of the Seraphim cannot carry across the whole of Creation, it falls to the Ofanim who serve Metatron to carry The Word wherever it needs to go. They may travel to any place where the Song of Location is being sung as if they were the one singing the counter-melody. Moreover, since it would be blasphemous for one of the Wheels to mar the messages they carry in even the slightest way, they each have eidetic memory.

Elohim – Even angels can chafe under the oprresive might of The Word. The Elohim of Metatron have therefore taken on the role of divine ombudsangels. They may add their Celestial Forces to any social roll made while arbitrating a dispute between two parties that are both acting in good faith (and automatically realize if one or more of the parties is not doing so).

MalakimMetatron had no Malakim – If Metatron did have Malakim, they would be able to use their voices as weapons – watching calmly as the harm they describe becomes reality. Range = Perception, Attack = Precision + Singing. External armors do not provide any damage reduction against the battle song of a Virtue of The Word.

Kyriotates – Thrones of The Word are like echoes. With a successful Perception check, they can hear what was said during the 10xCheck Digit minutes before they arrived.

Mercurians – These Servitors of Metatron were responsible for making sure mankind would know the Word of God. After the Fall, most joined Dominic or gave their Forces to the Grigori. However, the Angel Marc and others like him followed a much different path. Whenever one of these Angles gives Essence to a human, the later receives one additional point of Essence.

GrigoriMetatron had no Grigori – If any Watchers did ever serve The Word, they would be able to add their Celestial Forces to any Languages roll (including rolls made to predict the change in language).

Bright Lilim Metatron had no Bright Lilim – If The Word did ever sponsor a Bright Lilim, she would gain the ability to place a Geas on anyone who made an explicit vow or promise.

Servitor Attunements

Unmistakable – by spending a single point of Essence, a Servitor of The Word can ensure that they will not be misunderstood.  Should the GM subsequently misinterpret your words, you may politely correct them.

Will of The Word – You may spend a point of Essence to enter into a Will-War with any Celestial, even those who are not normally permitted to take part (see the Corporeal Player’s Guide). Any additional Essence spent by this Servitor lasts throughout the entire Will-War.


Vassal of Meaning – You know what every word means (you may have a dictionary of your choice on hand throughout the game).

Friend of the Voice – For purposes of authority, you are considered to have the Friend distinction within every heavenly hierarchy (you must still earn the other distinctions if you want their mechanical benefits).

Master of Truth – You know how to use The Word to impose the truth upon those who hear you – this uses the same mechanics as the Balseraph resonance.


Allied: Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Yves
Associated: Almost Everyone
Hostile: Lucifer, Malphus, Andrealphus*

* Andrealphus only becomes hostile to Metatron after Beleth and Blandine have their falling out.

Basic Rites

  • Spend an hour in uninterrupted contemplation of a single word and its meaning.
  • Converse with one of the Word Bound


Chance of Invocation: 0

Invocation Modifiers
+1 A consecrated holy text that is devoid of typos
+2 Proof you have completed a task assigned by Metatron
+3 A complete copy of the Oxford English Dictionary (unabridged)
+4 The edge of the Grand Canyon (or similarly magnificent echo chamber)
+5 The keynote speech at an international conference on Linguistics
+6 The meaning of a true word which has never yet been uttered
+8 At the foot of the Premum Moblie