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One of the best things to come out of GURPs In Nomine was the addition of mechanics for the Grigori. Unfortunately, they clearly are meant for a GURPs game.

I mean, they could be ported to the d666 system easily enough:

A Grigori may add 8 to the TN of any roll made to perceive one of the ‘standard’ disturbances in the Symphony. They may also detect mental damage as if it were corporeal damage (without the bonus), and treat mental domination as a disturbance of 2. Oh, and they also get a bonus to their Role.

But there are some problems to this approach:

  1. What happens when there is a mix of mental and ‘standard’ disturbances. Do they stack? If they stack, how do you determine whether or not the TN bonus applies (or does the TN bonus also stack)?
  2. It’s a split ability. Yes, the role boost makes sense (even if it is a bit on the beefy side) – but it seems completely unrelated to the enhanced ability to detect.
  3. It’s a flat bonus on an existing ability. Something completely different from any other Resonance.
  4. It’s passive. Every other Choir uses their Resonance to do something. The Grigori sit around waiting for something to happen.

None of these are problems within GURPs, which universally relies on a point buy system – and which replicates all the other types of Resonances by matching them up against existing GURPs abilities (as much as is practicable).

And, to be honest, if I addressed all 4 issues, there would no longer be much similarity between my Resonance and the Canon resonance – so I’m going to focus on fixing #1 and #2.

With that in mind, here is how I’d actually port the Grigori resonance to the d666 system:

The Grigori resonate with the symphony at rest. Whenever anyone uses essence, sings a song, causes corporeal damage, or does anything else that would normally cause a disturbance, the magnitude of the disturbance is 2 greater for all Grigori. In addition, the Grigori hear every 4 Mind Hits of damage as 1 level of disturbance, and all forms of mental domination (including the imposition of a Geas) as 2 levels of disturbance.

It may not seem like much, but remember that disturbances stack, and the base range increment is determined in part by the magnitude of the disturbance. The Grigori won’t have much of an advantage if there is only one disturbance, but if there are several the Grigori will have a huge leg up on any other Celestial.

Incidently – even though I have removed the Role bonus, I would still expect a role of level 4+ in any modern Grigori. I would just expect the player to pay for it him or herself.

Grigori Attunements

The Grigori are in disgrace now, but that was not always the case (and besides, even Angels do things under the table from time to time). Since the Grigori were set on Earth to detect the recently escaped demons, it makes sense that their attunements would reflect these oppositions. However, when it comes to the Grigori, the oppositional pairs would be set on Heaven’s terms – not Hell’s.

Based on the Superiors of the time, this is how I would expect Heaven to arrange its opposition.

  • The Grigori of Blandine oppose Kobal (idealism vs weariness)
  • The Grigori of David oppose Genubath (discipline vs pillage)
  • The Grigori of Dominic oppose Belial (justice vs arson)
  • The Grigori of Eli oppose Gebbeleth (art vs obfuscation)
  • The Grigori of Gabriel oppose Mariel (brilliance vs irrelevance)
  • The Grigori of Jean & Janus oppose Meserach (industry vs indolence)
  • The Grigori of Jordi oppose Andrealphus (natural vs salacious)
  • The Grigori of Marc oppose Lilith (fairness vs laissez faire)
  • The Grigori of Michael oppose Baal (War would trust this task to no one else)
  • The Grigori of Novalis oppose Malphas (regrowth vs fission)
  • The Grigori of Oannes oppose Makatiel (sanitation vs sickness)
  • The Grigori of Raphael oppose Asmodeus (knowledge vs games)
  • The Grigori of Uriel oppose Beelzebub (purity vs corruption)
  • The Grigori of Yves oppose Beleth (favorable circumstance vs fear)

I will save the writing of the Grigori Choir Attunments for a later post.

EDIT (9/18/16): Amadan has a very thorough write up of the Grigori which includes both a viable d666 Resonance and individual Attunements for each of the core Archangels. If you are considering using the Grigori in a d666 game you may want to consider using that rules set.