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“The world is destined to destroy itself, I just point the way.”

Demogorgon was one of the first Hellborn to make a serious play for a Princedom. Physically he appears as a great insect with tentacles for legs an a pair of etin-like heads with their skin flayed back to look even more monstrous. When obligated to take human form the Archduke favored gaunt vessels.

Originally the Archduke was nothing more than one of the locust-like gremlins to attend the first Prince of Destruction. Most of his brothers diminished or were destroyed after Lucifer killed their rebellious master – but clever Demogorgon avoided that devistation and hopped from prince to prince, gaining secrets, songs, and power where he could.

Eventually Demogorgon joined the service of Saminga and set up shop above the corpse of his first lord. There he came into the fullness of his power and began to take on Servitors of his own. It was with Saminga’s full support that Demogorgon went to seek Lucifer’s blessing in assuming the legacy of Abaddon.

It was on this quest that Demogorgon clashed with Belial. At the time the Prince of Fire held that the rulership of hell should only be extended to those possessed the divine right of heavenly birth- though most accept that Belial was really only interested in acquiring the word of Destruction for his own court.

Dissonance Condition

Though best known for their acts of mass destruction, it is the stories of personal ruin which really mark the path of Demogorgon’s Servitors.  These demons will gain dissonance if they go more than Celestial Forces days without destroying someone’s life or livelihood.

Band Attunements

Balseraphs – After a couple of minutes of conversation a Balseraph of Demogorgon can render their conversational partner unable to believe anybody for a number of minutes equal to the demon’s Celestial Forces. The target may attempt to resist this effect with a Will check but if they fail with a check digit of 6, they permanently gain 1 level of Paranoid. This ability has no impact on the Seraphim.

Djinn(restricted) – Djinn working for Demogorgon are curious creatures. They can only attune themselves to one person at a time, but the subject of that attunement becomes obsessed with the demon’s destruction. This acts like a Need to hunt the Djinn with level equal to the demon’s Celestial Forces.

Calabim(restricted) – Mass destruction is the stock and trade of Demogorgon’s Calabim. When using their Resonance, a Calabite of Destruction may spend a point of Essence to pick an additional target. The demon cannot target more people than it has Corporeal Forces, and each target gets their own resistance roll.

Habbalah – Habbalah that serve Demogorgon can pull apart the pattern of any artifact which has a lower character point value than the demon’s Will.

Lilim(restricted) – Those who form pacts with a Lilim of Destruction are not only staking their own life as collateral, but also the thing they value most. Should a human takes damage by avoiding the Geas from one of these Lilim, the human will by accident or design inflict a similar amount of damage on whatever they hold most dear.

Shedim(restricted) – Whenever the host of one of Demogorgon’s Shedim makes an opposed Will roll to resist a self-destructive act, they must subtract the Shedite’s Celestial Forces from their TN.

Impudites – Destruction’s Takers have a knack for ruining friendships. After each hour this demon spends with a group of human friends he may force one of them to re-roll one of their reactions, taking the worse result. The subject may resist with a successful Perception roll.

Servitor Attunements

Exterminating Aura – When fighting unarmed, this demon can add its Celestial Forces to its damage.

Infest – The Demon of Destruction who knows this attunement may select one material and call forth a swarm of insects that will riddle and consume all of that material within Corporeal Force yards of the Demon.


Knight of the Apollyon Order
The Apollyon Knights may add their Ethereal Forces to any Survival or Tracking roll made while surrounded by the dead (including the whole of Abaddon).

Captain of Ruin
The Captains of Ruin can tell at a glance whether or not someone will be able to recover from adversity (and in what time frame).

Baron of Slaughter
Whenever a Baron of Slaughter kills someone, they may immediately take another action.


Friendly: Saminga
Associated: Makatiel, Baal
Hostile: Andrealphus, Mammon
Enemies: Belial


Chance of Invocation: 2

Invocation Modifiers
+1 A skewered but living insect
+2 A demolition site
+3 An orchard stripped bare of all fruit
+4 A ruin of an ancient civilization
+5 A pitched battle
+6 The place where a Superior was destroyed