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165px-Leonid_Meteor_Storm_1833There is a whisper in the secret places of Heaven that the host has not suffered two falls, but three: Lucifer’s defection, the corruption of the Grigori, and the birth of the Malakim. No Archangel will publicly acknowledge such a rumor, and no Seraph or Malakite is ever likely to hear it spoken aloud – but it is present and persistent.

Basis for the Heresy

The Heresy of the 3rd Fall relies upon three things.

  1. It is incredibly difficult for an angel to change its nature. That’s why angels suffer dissonance and discord when they act out of character. Generally speaking, the only time an angel undergoes a transformation is when they fall.
  2. Much like Demons, Malakim do not fall, they just keep accumulating dissonance and discord ad infinitum.
  3. The purity of the Malakim rests entirely on the word of Uriel who was originally one of the Seraphim. Lucifer was also one of the Seraphim until he transformed. The angels of Heaven simply did what they always do, and took it on faith that Uriel was true to his Word. But if Uriel was acting on Heaven’s behalf, why was he recalled?

Heavenly Opinions


Dominic will come down hard on anyone espousing the Heresy of the 3rd Fall, especially if he thinks they’ve said it somewhere that a demon might hear. However, even his servitors are not immune, and some suppose that is why they are so intolerant of dissonance and discord in their own ranks.

Faith & The Sword

Khalid and Lawrence are even less forgiving of this heresy than Dominic. Both Archangels served under Uriel, and their servitors are fiercely loyal. Assassinations are unlikely, but formal challenges are another matter entirely.


Most members of the Peace faction will stay quiet about the Heresy of the 3rd Fall, and either chide or pointedly ignore their servitors comments on the matter – but Blandine is more willing to give the charge credence. After all, Uriel’s crusade destroyed many a dream and did more to hurt Heaven’s standing among the Ethereals than all the propaganda of Hell.


Part of why the Heresy of the 3rd Fall is so persistent is that it does not require any change whatsoever. If true, it would mean that a Malakite could change sides in much the same way as one of the Lilim or perhaps even easier. A Malakite has no old debts to clear, he just needs to ‘realize’ that Heaven is the true evil.

Once the Dark Malakite has a Demonic sponsor and a heart in Hell, he will change from generating Essence at dawn to generating Essence at dusk. In all other ways he remains the same: his resonance does not change, his oaths do not change, even his ability to enter heaven does not change (although without a heavenly heart, he will need to use a tether or piggyback with some other angel).

Dark Malakim in Hell

As with the Bright Lilim, the hardest step for a Dark Malakite is finding a Demon Prince willing to sponsor him. Considering the fact the the Malakite has not fallen, and that Malakim have been known to lie to put demons at a disadvantage, this is no mean feat.

Most demon princes don’t even have the first idea what they would do with a Dark Malakite, but here are a few who might:


It is rumored that Andrealphus once bent a flight of Malakim to his will somewhere in the Far Marches. No one has ever confirmed this claim, but he does seem more ready than most to take a Dark Virtue into his court.

A Dark Malakite wishing to join Andrealphus must craft a personal Oath that binds him in complete and/or willing submission.

In exchange a Malakite of Lust is granted exceptionally keen senses. The angel may add their Corporeal Forces to mundane Perception TNs and suffers no penalties for poor visibility. However, he also must subtract his Corporeal Forces from the number of Body Hits required to stun him, as the pain also gets magnified.


Asmodeus is no more prepared to accept a Dark Malakite than any other demon, but he adapts quickly and is accustomed to using agents that he cannot trust. He is also far more likely to accept a Servitor who has a taste for killing demons.

Oaths to Asmodeus most likely involve tracking down and killing demons who might defect to the side of heaven, though he might insist on an Oath of secrecy instead.

The Dark Angel would gain a new Role, with all the normal enhancements granted by Asmodeus, and would be able to tell at a glance if a demon has no heart.


The Demon Prince of the War has often considered what he would do with one of the Malakim on his side. He knows that one of two things would need to happen – such a creature would have to forswear all oaths, or else must consider Heaven itself to be a den of evil.

If it turns out the be the latter (which is the case if the Heresy of the 3rd Fall is accurate) – he would require an Oath to serve the armies of Hell.

A Malakite of the War would be able to add their Celestial Forces to any Celestial Damage they inflict.


Synchronicity favors the Dark Prince of Fate. Even if he does not have a Malakim Band Attunement now, one would be ready by the time one of the Dark Angels comes calling at his court.

Kronos would require oaths that might seem consistent with the Malakim’s previous vows, but which would clearly favor hell in some way.

A Malakite of Kronos may subtract their Corporeal Forces from the disturbance caused by killing a mortal that has fulfilled their Dark Fate.


Because of her nature, it is more or less a given that Lilith has sponsored a rogue Malakite at some point in her long career. She requires no Oaths and offers no Band Attunement, but gives the Malakim the same choice as anyone else; her Rites in exchange for her Dissonance conditions.

Meserach & Vephar

Though both these demon princes are now long dead, they would have been the most likely destinations for a Malakite who had abandoned concepts of good and evil altogether.


The Demon Prince of Media would treat any Dark Malakite as a celebrity whistle-blower.

The Angel would be bound by Oath to produce a tell-all expose and/or to go on a series of infernal talk shows.

As with all of Nybbas’s servitors, the Malakite would gain a group of sycophantic followers. Most likely literary agents, hacktivists, and religious dissidents.


No one knows why Valefor is prepared to handle a Dark Malakite, but his attunement would be identical to Janus’s.