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Sandalphon from Shin Megami Tensei

Sandalphon from Shin Megami Tensei

First Appearance: Angelic Player’s Guide pg 34

In Nomine canon does not provide much information on Sandalphon. Aside from Choir (Ofanite) and speed, the rest is left to the imagination.

The DC: Vertigo version is clearly a poor choice for inspiration, as the Vertigo universe puts Sandalphon on the side of the demons (though interestingly, not on the side of Lucifer). Then again, comics have never been the best source for angel lore.

other attributes Ascribed to Sandalphon:

    • The feminine guardian on the left-hand side of the Arc of the Covenant
    • The messenger who collects the prayers of the faithful during Sukkot (the Jewish Fest of Tabernacles) and sends them to heaven
    • The Herald of Shekhinah (a feminine aspect of god representing the presence of the divine)
    • The Angel responsible for establishing the sex of unborn children
    • The Representative of Malkhut
    • The transfigured prophet Elijah
    • The Angel of Prayer
    • The Angel of Glory
    • The Angel of Tears
    • Metatron’s Twin
    • A sworn foe of Samael.

This suggests two possible builds to me: one focused on speed (the canon element) and one which embraces speed in service to Sandalphon’s other mythic duties. I have omitted the Words, since Glory and Prayer have already been assigned within In Nomine canon.

First Variation:
Sandalphon, Friend of the Illuminated,
Angel of Electromagnetic Wave-Particles

Sandalphon is a Servator of Jean who joined the Archangel of Lightning when Lucifer Fell. She is one of the last (if not the last) angel of heaven to use the Ofanite of Light Attunement which allows near instantaneous transit along line of site. She is greatly distrusted by Dominic, who has a whole network in place to track her movements (since no one angel could keep up with her).

She is incredibly powerful and could make a case for elevation to Archangel. However, that does not interest her – and neither does research (which is why she has never been promoted past Friend). Instead she prefers to confront the forces of Hell directly, racing from conflict to conflict – shedding light on infernal illusions and doing as much corporeal damage to the Servitors of Hell as possible.

This version of Sandalphon might appear in response to a mid-combat Divine Intervention, but she is unlikely to stick around much after the fight. If you really want to have fun with the party, then she arrives completely without warning, and departs in two directions at once (one towards her previous intervention and one towards her next).

Second Variation:
Sandalphon, Herald of Shekinah

This version of Sandalphon is a Servitor of Shekinah (Archangel of the Divine Presence) possessing an undisclosed Higher Distinction. Before the fall she served as one of Metatron‘s heralds. She has the Ofanite Attunements for the Word, Divine Presence, Protection, and possibly Fire, Lightning, Purity and Destiny as well.

Unlike the previous build, which focuses on physical speed, the Herald of Shekinah is devoted to spiritual speed making her the fastest Ofanite in heaven, but not necessarily elsewhere. She has fewer Ethereal and Corporeal forces than the other version of Sandalphon, but knows significantly more songs.

The Herald of Shekinah is unlikely to show up during a PC skirmish, but she will be present in some form or other whenever a new tether is established (which includes every battle that has created a tether to Michael).

If you do not want to introduce Shekinah into your game, Sandalphon could be the herald of Khalid instead.

Outrunning Fate

Either version would draw the dark attentions of Kronos.

The first has the potential to transcend the normal laws of time and space. Aside from the tactical advantages of such a pawn, the potential to research his own origins would be a prize well worth the time and effort it would tack to capture such illusive game.

The second has a Dark Fate that would spell great upheaval. Possibly even on the order of a new Celestial Rebellion. Unfortunately, even Kronos cannot get the details, but that just serves to confirm that at least one of the ineffable beings would be significantly impacted by her Fall.