Mammon from the Spawn Comics

Mammon from the Spawn Comics

Mammon is presented as a minor and somewhat ineffectual Demon Prince who is too obsessed with money to have properly cared for his infernal holdings. To me this is utter poppycock. All it takes is one look around to see that money and greed run things regardless of whether you are a have or a have not. It is not the only force that runs things, but it certainly is not an also-ran.

However, I am comfortable saying that it has only been in the last 20 years or so that the other Demon Princes have come to learn just how much power Mammon actually wields. Where other princes through they were chipping away at the Prince of Greed’s influence, I see them spreading it into their own organizations without even realizing it.

Spies and Defectors

Any Wordbound demon whose word is connected with payment or the accrual of temporal power has the potential to be on Mammon’s payroll (ditto for any Greedy demon, and there are quite a few more of those).

Theft was the worst hit, having ‘lost’ the most of the Duchy of Kleptocracy in just a week, but the only Princes to be unaffected my Mammon’s re-emergence into center stage were Saminga, Beleth, and Fleurty. The first holds little interest for Mammon and the other two were not in a position to stop his infiltration anyway – so they’ve always assumed it was there.

Internal Police

By canon, Mammon’s internal security is handled by the Acquisition (Superiors 4, pg 67). However, if Mammon has been clever enough to outwit The Game for decades, he needs a more competent investigative branch. Something like the Auditors (outlined below).

The Auditors are the second arm of Mammon’s internal police. He expects them to know, enforce, and find ways around all of the rules set by The Game’s and the Acquisition, even the ones that those organizations typically ignore. However, they don’t come cheap. Barons are expected to pay dearly for the services of the Auditors, who will clean house until it is spotless, except for the handful of saps they leave exposed to The Game.

It wouldn’t do to look too competent.

However, now that Mammon has revealed his hand, he knows it is only a matter of time before Asmodeus starts poaching some of his best auditors. He’s doing his best to set up some new infernal rules and norms before that happens.

Indirect Payment

While Mammon is as likely as any other Prince to grant Rites to his known Servitors, he is far more likely to pay his undercover agents with relics and reliquaries. If someone wants to being the game as an Agent of Mammon, you should allow them to buy a Coin of Mammon.

New Resource: Coin of Mammon (3 CP/level)

A Coin of Mammon is a special type of reliquary. It typically takes the form of a rare coin, large denomination bill, or small gem. This makes it easy to conceal. However, instead of charging at sunset, it charges when the bearer performs one of the Rites of Mammon (typically one of the less obvious ones).

When the player purchases the coin they may chose to pay 3 extra character points to ensure that they are the only one to be able to use it. They may also make the reliquary easily destroyed (bill rather than coin or gem), but this does not make the resource any less expensive. You can’t take a discount for something that makes it easy to hide the evidence.