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Beelzebub from Shin Megami Tensei

Beelzebub from Shin Megami Tensei

“The world is rotten, exploit it while you can”

Beelzebub was always something of an enigma. A great Djinn Prince who ruled alongside Lucifer and Baal until he stuck his neck out a little too far and got it lopped off by Uriel. It is assumed that he fell from heaven like the all of the first princes – but if so his discord was so great that none have been able to figure out who he was originally. Most think he was a great Cherub of Jordi, some think he served the enigmatic Archangel of Death, and a few whisper that he is no demon at all, but an Ethereal God posing as a Prince of Hell.

Either way, Beelzebub did live as a god for a time – using his broad intelligence network and his mastery physical corruption to tempt the weak into spiritual corruption. As with Baal, his earthly worship was cut short by the works of Eli and Zoroaster.

More than any other Prince, Beelzebub already feels that the world is his playground. Decay, mutation, and rot were always a part of the plan – and few know how to wield them better than the Prince of Corruption. The Djinn Prince had no real fear of Uriel, and that may have been what eventually led to his demise. As Beelzebub saw it, Yves would never let Uriel get away with imposing Heaven on Earth because that would upset the great experiment even more than Ophis’ little stunt in Eden.

The First Prince of Corruption should come across as proud and smug. He knows more dirty secrets than the players can ever hope to gather – and he’ll dangle just enough to keep the party interested without ever revealing all that he knows. And in many ways he’s a very tolerant superior. As long as a demon serves both Corruption and Beelzebub, the Prince does not much care what they get up to. However, should a servitor get out of line – there is a good chance they will learn what it feels like to rot alive as maggots crawl around beneath their skin.

In Hell the First Prince of Corruption took the form of a enormous anthropomorphic fly. On Earth he often takes the appearance of a coroner or physician.

Design Philosophy

There are at least two, possibly even more Prince’s of Corruption. I wanted to make sure that I took a different approach to each. With Beelzebub I wanted to focus on physical corruption, especially given the traditional association between Beelzebub and flies. Legion will lean more heavily towards corruption of identity.

Dissonance Condition

Beelzebub’s servitors must befoul something every day or accumulate dissonance.

Band Attunements

In addition to the abilities listed below, every Servitor of Beelzebub may add their Ethereal Forces to the TN of Knowledge: Insects rolls.

Balseraph – By skilled application of their personal symphony, these demons may impose the appearance of physical illness. The target of a successful resonance gains Palid at a level equal to the Liar’s Celestial Forces for a number of days equal to the demon’s Check Digit. If this ability is resisted, the demon will not be able to use it on the same target again.

Djinn – Unlike later demons to hold his Word, Beelzebub favored the long game – which often meant that his Djinn were the true corrupting force of his organization. These demons may add their Ethereal Forces to their Area Knowledge TNs.

Calabim – Beelzebub’s Destroyers were surrounded by a fetid aura. In their presence food spoiled, water turned brackish, wine vinegarized, and woulds would fester and rot. Reduce the TN of relevant Cooking, Survival, and Healing rolls in the vicinity by this demon’s Corporeal Forces.

Habbalah(partially restricted) – These demons may make mortals, Ethereals, and even Celestials in their presence feel unclean. Habbalah only may magnify this effect with their Ressonance, making the affect permanent until the target seeks absolution or other ritual cleansing. The demon may withdraw the effect at any time – but any other efforts will fail until Check Digit days have passed.

Lilim – Like Beelzebub’s Liars, these demons frequently pose as sages and healers. Instead of creating false harm, they will trade their advanced knowledge of insects and the human body in exchange for future favors. The Lilim may add her Ethereal Forces to all Healing TNs.

Shedim – Whether or not it was merited, the early Shedim of Corruption felt a certain kinship for the Kyriotates of Animals. In the absence of a human host, these demons could form a temporary vessel out of flies, maggots, and other carrion insects.

Impudites – Sometimes the best of friends are the worst of friends. These demons may add their Celestial Forces to their Fast Talk rolls. Combined with the Charm ability this can lead to some monumentally bad decisions.

Dark Malakim – The first Prince of Corruption may well have had a dark Malakite stashed away somewhere. These tarnished Virtues would know what temptation would most likely lead someone to a corrupt act.

Servitor Attunement

Fly on the Wall – The demon may spend 1 Essence to see and hear what is happening in the vicinity of a person or artifact it is attuned to. Multiply the level of the connection by 5 to determine how many minutes this attunement lasts.

Rotting Curse – Saminga thought he was so clever for learning this Attunement from the Egypt, but the Egyptians had learned it from the people of Ekron who served Beelzebub. See Revelations I pg 23 for details.

Swarm – Haagenti’s Devour attunement was based upon this invention of Beelzebub. With a Will roll, this demon can summon a swarm of insects that will devour up to 10x Corporeal Forces pounds of organic matter in a minute. For 1 Essence this may be used as a Power +4 attack.


Knight of the Grand Order of the Fly – Beelzebub’s knights can speak the language of flies, maggots, and other carrion insects. While mostly useful for determining the age of a corpse and the cause of death, clever Servitors can find more uses for this distinction.

Captain of Larvae – A Captain of Larvae is a master at warping the unborn. In the presence of a pregnant creature (humans count), the demon may give the unborn child a number Physical Disadvantages equal to his own Physical Forces.

Baron of Myiasis – Demons of this level have learned to corrupt their own flesh, turning it into a living haven for insects. The baron may house and control up to 1 swarm per Force.




Allied: Mariel
Associated: Andrealphus, Saminga
Hostile: Asmodeus, Mammon
Enemies: Maktiel


Chance of Invocation: 2

Invocation Modifiers
+ 1 A housefly
+ 2 A pantry full of rotted food
+ 3 A corpse covered in insects
+ 4 A calf with two heads
+ 5 Proof of an angel accepting a bribe
+ 6 Any place where Creation is incomplete