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Before his betrayal at the hands of god, Andrealphus was one of the more promising Archangels of heaven. For a full history, see Superiors II.


Design Note

I have tried to capture two competing themes in developing Andrealphus the Archangel. He is the bright mirror to the Demon Prince of Lust – certain aspects of each should be reflected in the other. He is also the Angel of Love, not just one aspect of it, but the whole of Love. That is a lot of territory to cover. I am reasonably certain that the Angels of Love are balanced with the Demons of Lust, but small tweaks may be necessary to truly make them equivalent.


Each of Andrealphus’s choirs was attuned to a different kind of love which they would be expected to nurture. If an angel should go a number of days equal to their Celestial Forces without creating (or witnessing in the case of the Elohim, Mercurians, and Grigori) the appropriate type of love, they will suffer dissonance. In addition, it is dissonant for any angel of Angrealphus to allow someone to come to physical or emotional harm through an act of love.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim – The Most Holy of Andrealphus were particularly attuned to the Love of God. These angels automatically knew the Celestial Song of Ecstasy and could sing it without Performance roll, using their Celestial Forces instead of a check digit. Humans with a profound love of god could also benefit from the Song when one of these Seraphim was the performer.

Cherubim(restricted) – Andrealphus’s Cherubim were particularly drawn to mutual love. When two of this Cherubs attuned loved each other, they were able to use the Cherub’s Resonance as if they were attuned to each other.

Ofanim – The Ofanim of Andrealphus carry with them the touch of new love. They know the Ethereal Song of Attraction and can sing it without Performance roll. Use their Ethereal Forces for the Spell Level and treat the Check Digit as 0.

Elohim – The Powers of Andrealphus embody universal love. They ignore all negative Reaction modifiers and do not suffer dissonance for showing compassion.

Malakim Andrealphus had no Malakim – If he did, they would have been masters of chivalric romance who could have been able to add their Celestial Forces to all Emote TNs.

Kyriotates(restricted) – The Dominions of Love are strongly connected to eroticism and sexuality. They were able to possess any physically aroused creature automatically. However, in order to avoid causing their hosts harm these Kyriotates do not maintain such possessions more than one hour per Celestial Force.

Mercurians – The Friends of Man were Andrealphus’s matchmakers. Whenever one of these Mercurians witnesses a wedding or handfasting between two people that they have brought together, they may recover all of their Essence.

GrigoriAndrealphus had no Grigori – If he did, they would have been able to tell the difference between natural, chemically induced, and supernatural attractions.

Bright LilimAndrealphus had no Bright Lilim – If he did, he would have given them ability to tell by examination and a simple conversation whom someone needs in their life.

Servitor Attunement

Brotherhood – Andrealphus originally developed this Attunement in conjunction with David. Use the mechanics on Superiors I pg 8.

Comforting Presence – Anyone who is out of Essence may spend two hours in this angels presence to regain 1 Essence. No more than one Essence per person may be gained in this manner.

Only You – This power costs 1 Essence. With a touch the angel can cause anyone to become smitten with one thing in sight. For a number of minutes equal to the angel’s total Forces, the target will only pay attention to the subject of their affections. The target may attempt a Will roll to resist, but their TN will be reduced by the level of their attraction (as determined by their reaction roll).


Vassal of Affection – The Vassals of Affection are genuinely pleasant people to be around. Unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing it, they increase the TN of all their Reaction Rolls by 2.

Friend of Romance – Friends of the Angel of Love are talented and strengthening the relationships between people. Once per day they can offer sound advice that if followed will permanently increase by 1 the Reaction of two people. They may do this twice per relationship (once for each person).

Master of Unconditional Love – These angels feel just a small fraction of God’s love for all things, and it has forever colored their outlook. Those who remained true to heaven roll one extra die whenever they make a dissonance roll. Those who fell rolled one fewer – it is unclear if Andrealphus has ever removed this Distinction from his oldest followers.


Allied: Beleth, Blandine, Lucifer
Associated: David, Eli, Jordi
Hostile: (Metatron, Yves – after the break up)
Enemies: Malphas

Basic Rites

  • Witness a First Kiss
  • Spend 4 hours in the company of someone you love


Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers
+1 A Valentine’s card
+2 A hand written love letter
+3 A romantic dinner
+4 A Shakespearean sonnet
+5 A wedding (or subsequent reception)
+6 The birth of a true scion of Adam & Eve

Where are they now?

Most of the angels of Love fell along with their Archangel – and he has made it a point to track down and kill or corrupt the others whenever he gets the chance. Those still allied with Heaven have been scattered among more than a dozen Superiors so as not to present a unified target.

What if Andrealphus never fell?

Heaven would have been a very different place if Andrealphus were still a part of it. For one thing, love and the wish for other’s success would go a long way towards easing the intramural antagonism of heaven.  Michael still might not trust Yves, but he would be more likely to give the first soul the benefit of the doubt. Dominic would be harsh, but ultimately caring.

Hell would still have a Demon Prince of Lust (probably one of Andre’s Kyriotates seduced by Lucifer) – but the balance of power would be much more on Heaven’s side.