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Let’s face it, hardcore music has hardly been one of the world’s great evils. It hasn’t even had a particularly large influence. Lucifer gets around this hang up in Night Music by granting Furfur the whole of Hardcore, but if you look at how Furfur behaves through the rest of the Revelation cycle – he’s really just a flash in the pan.

Where is he now?

My favorite theory is that Furfur ended up knee deep in debt to Andrealphus and now serves as the Baron of Hardcore (Pornography).

However, due to the preservation of intent – it is far more likely that he’s a studio exec for Nybbas doomed to spend the rest of eternity waiting for the Hardcore revival that will launch him back into the limelight. If you want to be especially cruel, make him share a studio with the Demon of Disco.

Getting the Act Together

There is another possibility.

Kronos put a lot of effort into making a place for a new Prince of Fanaticism. If Khalid does not fall, a clever Demon Prince would take that space for himself (and the straight edge movement might even have pointed the way).

This version of Furfur will still value hardcore music as his roots, but hardcore belief will be his stock and trade. Mechanically, I would shift a number of his Band Attunements to use those listed for Dark Khalid [EDIT 4/2/17: after removing any religion-specific language, Furfur doesn’t care about that], though I would keep the originals around as optional Servitor Attunements. He would continue to use his original dissonance condition and invocation modifiers – they are, after all, part of his character.

Handled this way Furfur would be very relevant, with prominent servitors helping to guide contemporary Arab, American, and Greek politics.