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While Vapula is unlikely to ever become the principle demon of hell, he has been more than happy with the boost that humanity gives his Word. In the past decade alone, mortals have released a number of technologies that he has been able to adapt for his infernal needs.

By contrast, Jean is not happy with the current hyper-accelerated rate of technological advance, but he is not fool enough to insist on old methods when it is clear that he can release new inventions to his servitors without upsetting the balance.

If you want to keep the two chiefs of innovation current, here are some new technologies you may want to consider:

The Heavenly Signal

Smartphones have drastically changed the way that Jean and his servitors interact. With one device, a celestial can have a computer, a telephone, a video recorder, and a messaging service all in one. This has implications for his Seraphim, Cherubim and Elohim.

Choir Upgrades

Seraph – Jean’s Seraphim may encode their attunement based video in a smartphone and send it via a heavenly network to anyone else with wireless video. The costs are otherwise the same.

Cherub – The Guardians of Lightning are no longer limited to phone calls, they can send texts or instant messages on whatever services will first reach the subject of their attunement.

Ofanim – In addition to their original abilities, Jean’s Wheels are now cleared to interface with GPS devices. By touching the device and spending 1 Essence, it will gain the benefits of the Ofanite’s insight for one trip. The destination must be determined before the Essence is spent.

Elohim – These angels have now been given clearance to materialize smartphones. In addition to the normal abilities of their attunement, they may also send and receive calls and texts, take pictures and videos, and play music from their devices.

New Servitor Attunements

Angelsound prerequisite: smartphone – anyone with this attunement may install and operate the Anglesound app on their smartphone. While ‘listening’ to a Song, the user may pull out their smart phone and spend 1 point of essence to learn the name of the Song, its duration, and the name of the Performer if known to Heaven. Results will be returned in a number of rounds equal to 7-Ethereal Forces.

A phone with this app installed is considered heavenly technology. This means that Jean will only give this attunement to individuals he trusts to keep track of it.

Infernal Upgrades

Now is a good time to be a Servitor of Vapula, they have so many wonderful toys to chose from.

Design note: some of these attunements are devastating in combination. While you are more than welcome to let Vapula’s servitors have their choice of Band attunement, you should probably limit them to one technology from each Band.

Band Upgrades

Calabim – Vapula still does not accept any Calabim into his own ranks, but he has recently developed a working relationship with the Baron of Planned Obsolescence – a servitor of Haagenti with a technological bent. Calabim in service to this Baron may gain access to Vapula’s obsolete technologies so long as they also take Vapula’s dissonance condition.

Djinn – Some of Vapula’s Djinn have recently been issued smartphones. These devices allow a Djinn to attune himself to anyone in his contact list, or who has ‘friended’ him via social media. It does not increase the number of attunements he can maintain at one time.

Djinn – Other of Vapula’s Djinn have been given clearance to use infernal drones. For the most part they operate like a typical survailance drone.  However, should the Djinn use their Ressonance to locate the drone, they will gain the ability to control it by thought for a number of minutes equal to their Check Digit and will also be able to perceive the world as if they were at its location.

Shedim – Recently Vapula has been giving his Corrupters smartphones and tablets instead laptops. This opens up some new potential actions, but the mechanics are otherwise identical to the default attunement.

Shedim – Although it is still considered experimental, Vapula has found a way to emulate the multiplicity of the Kyriotates. With this attunement he can force one of his Shedim into a “vessel” comprised of multiple drone bodies. However, these corruptors loose the ability possess anything other than machines which have been tied into their control network.

This is not a pleasant experience for the Shedite, who will gain a point of dissonance every day it is unable to corrupt someone.

Impudites – In addition to their previous abilities, these glasses can now do everything that Google Glass can do (though they are significantly less obvious). At the GMs discretion, five minutes of research and a successful Computer Use roll may also provide a +1 TN bonus to Charm. However, failing the Computer Use roll will most likely reduce the reactions of everyone around the demon.

New Servitor Attunements

vApp Storeprerequisite: smartphone relic – The vApp Store allows a demon to download an app containing a Song or Skill from Vapula’s mainframes into any smartphone relic they posses.

The demon must spend a number of points of Essence equal to the cost a corresponding artifact (including any convenience costs). However, there are some limitations. They cannot download more levels of Skill than they have Ethereal Forces or more levels of Song than they have Celestial Forces. In addition, no Skill or Song can have a rank higher than the level of the base relic (Attunement Relics may be considered Rank 6).

In addition, all vApps operate on a subscription basis. After a number of hours equal to the user’s Celestial Forces, the enhancements stop working. They may be resumed with another expenditure of essence.

Other Advances

Since the original publication of this post, a set of Upgrades for The Media has also been posted.