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“I am Legion, for we are many”

Legion could be anyone. Legion could be everyone. He was the quintessential Shedite Prince and a perfect villain for a high paranoia/assimilation game.

Centuries ago, the demon who would become Legion and his Superior Saminga performed some truly hellish experiments upon a captured Kyriotate; slowly grafting Legion’s forces, one-by-one onto his heavenly counterpart while forcing it into a multitude of vessels. Eventually one, or perhaps even both of them cracked and Legion gained the ability to possess multiple hosts.

Pleased with this turn of events, Lucifer granted Legion the vacant Princedom on Corruption in the hopes of getting many more such demons. The standard story is that this happened more or less immediately – and from a cosmic perspective that might even be true. Only eight or nine hundred years had passed between Legions first attempt at possessing multiple humans and his eventual elevation. Once he assumed his new seat, Legion set about his true work – trying to corrupt the name of God and make it his own. His weapon of choice: conformity.

And there was good reason for his Servitors to Conform. While Legion reigned, he had two types of servitors: those who were paranoid that Legion might destroy their individuality, and those who were Legion. Any player in his service should be kept in constant fear of loosing their character permanently; especially if their loyalty should come into doubt.

Legion worked closely with Beleth, nurturing both the fear of assimilation and the fear of difference – and while he may have worked directly with a few Nightmares, he always payed the Princess enough respect to stay on her good side. No matter what people might have said about him, Legion was perfectly capable of composed and logical reasoning. The Second Prince of Corruption just happened to be mad as a box of frogs: homicidal frogs – ones that looked at the world in unison, vivisecting all they surveyed in their collective mind and wondering how many more frogs they could fit into a meatsack that size.

Band Attunements

All servitors of Legion know the Song of Possession and may use it without meeting the minimum essence requirement. However, Legion will take control of the player character on an Infernal Intervention.

Balseraph (restricted) – These demons can use their resonance to convince someone that they are unable to resist possession.

Djinn(restricted) – When attuning yourself to someone, you can tell if they are possessed and may chose to attune to the host, the possessor, or both.

Calabim(restricted) – When this demon uses their Resonance to destroy someone or something that has been possessed, any excess damage will be converted into Soul Hits against the possessor (if strong enough, this can result in a loss of Force).

Habbalah(restricted) – These demons can use their resonance to make someone feel like they are possessed even when they are not. This lasts 10 minutes x Check digit.

Lilim(restricted) – The threat of becoming permanently becoming slaves to Legion is usually enough to keep the Daughters of Lilith from joining his service. However, those who do take the risk may maintain the Song of Possession indefinitely when targeting someone whose Level 6 need is to be someone else.

Shedim (restricted) – Any Will roll made to resist possession by one of these demons is reduced by the Shedite’s Celestial Forces.

Impudites (restricted) – You may attempt to steal your host’s Essense as if you had charmed him. If he successfully resists you, the possession will end.

Servitor Attunements

Skutatoi – This Attunement works identically to David’s Brotherhood Attunement (see Superiors I).

Twist Name – In order to use this Attunement the demon must know the target’s True Name, beat them in a Will Roll, and spend Essence equal to their Total Forces. If Successful, the target will lose 1 Celestial Force for the next 18 hours. The target may reduce this time by 1 hour per Total Force.


Knight Legionnaire – Legion’s Knights have been given leave to subsume their will within Legion’s whenever they desire. On a successful Will roll, the character may access all of Legion’s skills and songs at a level equal to the Check digit. However, all of their actions must directly serve Corruption or Legion will take control of the character. The possession lasts for 10 minutes x the sum of the Knight’s Celestial Forces and the Check Digit.

Captain Centurion – When using the Song of Possession, a Captain Centurion may stay within their host for a number of hours equal to the sum of the Check Digit and their Celestial Forces.

Baron of the First Order – A rarity among Legion’s ranks, these demons have been recognized for their competence and individuality. They may add their Corporeal Forces to their Will when attempting to resist a possession or external compulsion. It will not help against the demon’s own discords.

Servitors of Beelzebub

A great many of Beelzebub’s upper nobility was still in service to Corruption when the word was assigned to Legion. Those who did not join Legion’s ranks, soon disappeared… or else became some of Legion’s most vocal supporters.

Once the servitor swore loyalty, Legion typically stripped their old Distinction and replaced it with his own. Servitors were permitted to keep their old Attunements so long as they also took the new one Legion offered – however, such signs of individuality frequently marked Legions servitors as likely candidates to become Legion.

Corruption After Legion

There have been a number of lesser demons of corruption since Legion’s demise – but the various Demon Princes have done their best to crush such upstarts before they gain enough power to make a bid for Princedom. Currently the Duke of Graft and Marquis of Cancer (servitors of Mammon and Saminga respectively) are considered the two most likely candidates.

They are currently held in check by the Mariquis of Political Lobbies, who works for The Game. The Demon of Political Lobbies doesn’t seem to want the Word of Corruption – but he’s made it clear that he would take it rather than let either of the other two have it.


  • Convince five or more people to conform even when it goes against their morals. They do not all need to be convinced at once.
  • Convince an angel to follow an order that will generate dissonance (2 Essence)


Allied: Beleth
Associated: Saminga
Neutral: Baal, Malphas
Hostile: Everyone Else
Enemies: Asmodeus, Lilith


Base Chance of Invocation: 4

Invocation Modifiers
+1 A token of membership, such a draft card or a cross
+2 Best friends in matching outfits
+3 Group hazing
+4 Bullying that results in hospitalization
+5 Silencing a victim for the sake of the group
+6 Taking part in a mass riot