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The In Nomine universe is filled with angels and demons running around doing blatantly supernatural things (sometimes even with their Superior’s blessings), but for the most part humanity has not figured it out. So what’s going on?

The White Wolf option is that the Symphony itself provides humanity with a degree of psychic protection. Anyone who is not Symphonically aware literally cannot perceive the supernatural without help. This is great for someone who wants to wander around town with their Numinous Corpus fully active, but not so great for someone who wants to use their supernatural visage to seem more intimidating (the closet scene in Beetlejuice comes to mind).

Even then, a few people are going to get a glimpse behind the chords of the song – and not all of them are part of the War – which means something else is required…

Heaven’s Second Responders

If there’s only one or two witnesses, most Archangels will try to co-opt them as Servants or Soldiers. Things get more complicated if there’s a larger audience. Wholesale lying and deception doesn’t come naturally to angels, and most don’t have the skills to clean up a mess like this.

Since Raphael passed away, Yves and Khalid have taken turns as the lead Archangel keeping a Celestial incident from providing proof of the divine. Blandine and Novalis usually assist by healing the mental and physical traumas respectively. In addition, Jean will dispatch an investigation and recovery team if any Infernal or Divine technologies were involved in the incident.

These specialists typically come armed with the Songs of Memory and any relevant Attunements their superior might have to offer. The most senior operatives may even have access to the Etherial Song of Oblivion – though there will be clear limits on how and when they can use such a dangerous melody.

Hell’s Cleaners

The Infernal affinity for deception actually makes them better at cleaning up their messes than Heaven. All that’s really needed is a Balseraph or two to twist the facts until the witnesses are prepared to believe their lies about what ‘really happened.’

That said, most Demon Princes only clean up their mess because they don’t want Heaven (or The Game) to learn about their Earthly activities. However, Alaemon, Asmodeus, Beleth, and Kronos actively embrace the cover up – though each has their own reasons.

Once an agent of The Game decides that a large scale cleanup needs to take place, The War will help them requisition any local talent which might reasonably lend a hand – no matter who the demon normally serves. (Servitors of Haagenti in particular have proven surprisingly useful in removing evidence).

Mixed Parties

In the wake of a really big mess it’s entirely possible that both Heaven and Hell will dispatch teams to the site. Because a new fight will just exacerbate the damage, this may well be the only time you’ll see Servitors of Khalid and Asmodeus working the side by side.