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Camael was once the most powerful non-Seraph on the Seraphim Council. More powerful than Eli. More powerful than Raphael. More powerful than even Yves. He was also the first of the Elohim to Fall.

In theory, this is someone who would have had a real chance at contesting Lucifer’s right to the throne of Hell – so why is he a non-entity in the In Nomine cosmology? (He gets a one sentence summary in both the Angelic and Infernal Player’s Guides, and that’s it).

Here are some possibilities:


Camael from
Shin Megami Tensei

Camael, Demon Prince of Punishment, Viceroy of Hell

One possibility is that Camael actually is powerful, immensely powerful; but as Prince of the Word of Punishment, he has little time for anything other than Hell itself. Since most games take place on Earth, this makes Camael a poor choice of Superior for most PCs.

When the opportunity presents itself, I will write up this version of the first Habbalite.

Camael, The Maelstrom of Force

Another possibility is that Camael was literally unable to contain the riot of Forces unleashed by his emotions, and only by the constant absorption of Forces flayed from other sources is he able to continue his existence. This version of Camael would be unable to lead a rebellion against Lucifer, but might have a permanent place in the Citadel of The Game as one of Asmodeus‘s engines of punishment.

Camael, Liege Lord of the Angels in Exile

Unlike most of the Fallen, the Habbalah still believe themselves to be Angels. This may well be a legacy from Camael – who refused to believe that he was truly cast from grace. While the other demons vied for Lucifer’s recognition, Camael used what was left of his connection to the Seraphim Council to grant himself a Word before delving into the Lower Hells to found his Exile’s Cathedral. A gathering place open to all Outcasts, Renegades, and Habbalah.

It is unclear who would win in a fight, Camael or Lucifer, but so long as Camael is content to hide in a corner and play with his toys, Lucifer sees no reason to settle the matter.

Camael, the Unused Antagonist

As someone who has spent a great deal of time running forum games and rules-lawyering other gaming systems, Camael has all the marks of a character being reserved for eventual use in an adventure module.

He has ties to Heaven and Hell, he’s powerful, possibly even as powerful as Lucifer or Kronos, and he’s missing in action. Perfect as the Big Bad (or possibly even the secretly Big Good) in an epic level adventure.

Then again, In Nomine has always been good at having elements that are “undefined by canon,” and this could just be one of them.

Camael, the Wounded Veteran

It’s also possible that Camael is no long puissant. Being the first Habbalah would also make him one of the first really big targets. The Rebellion could have left him so wounded the only sensible course of action was to take a senior position under one of the more powerful demons (most likely Asmodeus or Baal).

Camael, the Deceased

There are also plenty of opportunities for Camael to die. He might have been one of the strongest angels before the Fall, but that could mean that his Forces pulled him apart that much faster. Also, the Rebels did lose the war – powerful as they were, Heaven was more powerful still.

Or he could have been pulled apart in Hell, either for trying to usurp Lucifer’s throne or as part of the Infernal Civil War. Camael may have been one of the most powerful angels to fall, but he certainly wasn’t the only powerful angel to fall. Andrealphus, Baal, Beleth, and Malphas were all Archangels before the Rebellion and there may have been still others who didn’t survive the in fighting.