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I recently stumbled across one of the few In Nomine books that had been missing from my collection, and it reminded me that I have not contributed to this blog in over a year.

In honor of returning from the dead, I thought it worthwhile to share some of my thoughts on Saminga, Demon Prince of Death.

Saminga does not appear in any of the Superior’s books, but he does have a bit of an expanded writeup starting on page 19 of Revalations I: Night Music.

As I have mentioned previously, I’m not keen on concept of a dumb superior.

In my earlier post I suggested that Saminga is not the Zombi mad Superior that he’s presented as, but rather that the Zombis are the fuckups of his underlings, and he can’t be bothered to clean up after them.

However, recently I had another thought. If you look very closely, there are hints that the Archangel of Death may still exist. Accepting this allows for a whole new set of motivations for Saminga.

Saminga knows the Archangel of Death exists – he can feel it countering his dominion over the word of Death… or at least he thinks he does. Unfortunately, the Archangel of Death has not been seen or heard from for millennia (well before Saminga was ever granted his word). A few of the oldest Demon Princes know that the Archangel of Death might exist, but it serves their purposes to pretend like it does not.  The younger just dismiss rumors of an unknown and unseen Archangel as just a symptom of Saminga’s “paranoia.”

To put it another way, from the moment Saminga received his word, the other grandees of Hell have been gaslighting him. The newer princes think he is crazy, and even he has to wonder if they might be right, and the whispers of a more ordered Death are just a hallucination brought on by fear and discord – but this very doubt has made him all the more paranoid in keeping the other death from knowing his plans.

This, then, provides the reason why he does not confide in the living – for all that is living eventually dies and falls into the domain of his opposite number. However, the soulless dead are his and his alone (as far as he can tell). Using the undead makes it harder for his Heavenly counterpart to intercept and foil his plans.

Some other fans have proposed that the Archangel of Death is one of the Grigori. I like this particular interpretation. Keep an eye out for my write up of Azrael, Archangel of Death.