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Each one threw down his staff, and they became serpents.

The Songs of Serpents calls upon both the literal and metaphorical associations of serpents, both in their ability to cure and in their ability to poison. It is a perfect choice for Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the Exodus from Egypt.

Before calling down the Ten Plagues (Song of Plagues, Liber Canticorum, pg. 44), Moses attempted to convince the Pharaoh of god’s truth by throwing down his staff and turning it to snake. When the Egyptian priests do the same, Moses’ snake proceeds to eat them.

Given the trouble that serpents have caused heaven’s plans, this song is tightly regulated.

Corporeal – This version of the Song can turn a staff, vine, rope, or similar length of organic matter into an venomous serpent for a number of minutes equal to 5xCD. Additional essence may be used to improve its skills or enhance its venom. At the end of the duration the snake turns back into the original material.

Ethereal – The Ethereal Song of Serpents calls upon the curative properties of snake venom. For a number of hours equal to your CD you may add your check digit to your Medicine skill.

Celestial – The celestial variation of this song plays a variation on the Seraphic theme, giving the speakers words the sound of truth for a number of minutes equal to 10xCD. During this time all Lying and Fast Talk rolls are made as if your skill was increased by your Check Digit. On a check digit of 6 you may even manipulate Seraphim, though they will realize your deceit once the song ends.

Available: Baal, Fleurity, Gabriel, Jordi, Novalis
Required Essence: 1
Degree of Disturbance: 3

Summoned Asp

1 Corporeal (Str), 1 Ethereal (Pre), 1 Celestial (Per), Climbing/5, Dodge/4, Fighting/5 (Power-3), Move Silently/6. Venom Power 3 Speed 3.

Rules for poisons and diseases can be found in the Corporeal Player’s Guide.