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I, Frankenstein Movie Poster

Rating: Overall 3, In Nomine 5
I, Frankenstein is a 2014 movie that tells the story of a timeless war between Demons and Gargoyles (representing the powers of Heaven and Hell respectively). Their centuries long stand off comes to a head when Victor Frankenstein (Aden Young) creates his monster (Aaron Eckhart). At first the demons attack him furiously, not realizing that he holds the key to their eventual dominion over the Gargoyles…

If this all sounds terribly familiar to you, it’s probably because it is. I, Frankenstein watches like a reboot of the Underworld series, which tells the story of a timeless war between Vampires and Werewolves, their centuries long stand off comes to a head when… well you get the picture (both movies were based on the works of Kevin Grevioux and produced by Lakeshore Entertainment).

The film has been widely panned and rightfully so. If you want quality writing or deep moving performances, you would best turn your attentions elsewhere. However, it is a decent action romp, and can be a good introduction to the themes of In Nomine (much like how Underworld can provide a good introduction to White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse).

How does it fit In Nomine?

On one side you have the Gargoyles (Malakim and Kyriotates of David), brothers and sisters in faith, and neigh invulnerable combatants who place near equal value on god and solidarity. As with the Angels of the In Nomine universe, they do not know the mind of god, and are left to do what they feel is best in his service.

On the other side you have a horde of Demons, each individually weaker than the Gargoyles they face, but cunning, tenacious, and still powerful enough to take down one of their foes when they have a clear tactical and numerical advantage. The demons are led by Prince Naberius (played by Bill Nighy), a smooth Balseraph of Vapula who has been funding advances in medical science in the hopes of finding a way to give demons permanent access to earth by possessing mankind’s soulless re-animated corpses (i.e. trying to create permanent vessels for Saminga’s Shedim).

Between the two sides stands Adam, Frankenstein’s Monster. He has the strength of a “perfect man” (Corporeal, Ethereal, and Celestial forces all at 5), and some powerful relics granted to him by the Gargoyles, but no songs to speak of.

Just as Angels and the Soldiers of Heaven do not truly know if they can trust each other inside the world of In Nomine, the Gargoyles and Adam keep an uneven peace between them. The Gargoyles are glad for the help in “descending” demons, but do not trust the motives of someone who is free to chose good or evil (and who, in this case, spends most of the movie without any soul at all).

Movie NPCs

Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart)

IF-adamConstruct (As Mummy)
Forces: Corporeal 5, Ethereal 5, Celestial 5
Corporeal Hits: 100
Skills: Dodge/1, Fighting/1, Medicine/1, Running/1, Small Weapons/4, Survival/4
Corporeal Songs: Blades/1
Artifact: Gargoyle Batons (Power +1, Accuracy -1)
Body: Charisma -1

Leonore, The Gargoyle Queen (Miranda Otto)

IF-leonoreMercurian of David, Seneschal of Gargoyle Cathedral
Forces: Corporeal 2, Ethereal 5, Celestial 6, Tether 4
Corporeal Hits: 20
Skills: Detect Lies/4, Emote/3
Attunements: Mercurian of Stone, Mercurian of War, Seraph of the Sword
Distinctions: Vassal of Stone, Vassal of War, Friend of the Subterranean, Friend of Fighters
Discord: Merciful/2
Corporeal Songs: Blades/2, Nimbus/3, Sanctity/4**
Numinous Corpus: Rock/5, Wings/6
Ethereal Songs: Opening/3, Sanctity/1**, Solace/4
Celestial Songs: Sanctity/1**
Vessel: Level 3, Charisma +2

Gideon, Leader of the Gargoyle Army (Jai Courtney)

IF-gideonMalakite of David
Forces: Corporeal 4 (Str), Ethereal 3, Celestial 3
Corporeal Hits: 45
Skills: Dodge/1, Emote/2, Fighting/2, Large Weapons/5, Running/2, Small Weapons/3, Tactics/3, Tracking/2
Attunements: Malakite of Stone, Malakite of Judgement
Distinctions: Vassal of Stone
Corporeal Songs: Blades/5, Might/2
Numinous Corpus: Feet/2, Rock/2, Wings/6
Artifact: Gideon’s Axe (Power +4, Accuracy -1, can be split into hatchets)
Vessel: Level 1, Charisma +1

Naberius, Demon “Prince” (Bill Nighy)

IF-naberiusBalseraph of Vapula, Marquis of Wessex Institute
Demon of Artificial Life

Forces: Corporeal 4, Ethereal 4 (Int), Celestial 4 (Will), Word 6
Corporeal Hits: 40
Skills: Detect Lies/3, Dodge/1, Emote/4, Fighting/1, Knowledge/4, Savoir-Faire/3
Attunements: Balseraph of Technology, Balseraph of Death
Distinctions: Knight of Combustion, Knight of Death, Inspector, Baron of Gremlins, Marquis of Wessex Institute
Corporeal Songs: Form/4, Might/4, Sanctity/2
Numinous Corpus: Claws/1, Horns/1
Celestial Songs: Blood, Opening, Machines, Possession, War
Role: Charles Wessex (Level 6, Status 6)
Vessel: Level 1

Zuriel, Naberius’ Assassin (Socratis Otto)

IF-zurielDjinn of Saminga
Forces: Corporeal (Agi) 4, Ethereal 3, Celestial 3
Corporeal Hits: 35
Skills: Acrobatics/4, Climbing/4, Dodge/5, Fast Talking/4, Fighting/2, Small Weapons/6, Move Silently/4, Running/3, Savoir-Faire/2, Survival/4, Tactics/5, Tracking/4
Distinctions: Knight of Death
Corporeal Songs: Form/1, Might/3, Motion/4
Numinous Corpus: Claws/1
Ethereal Songs: Battle/6, Nimbus/5
Role: Soldier of Fortune (Level 4, Status 4)
Vessel: Level 1, Charisma +3