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“The world is gods gift and the host its caretakers.”

All heaven knows of the expulsion of the Grigori, and the death of their sons at the hands of David and Oannes – but not all of the children of the Grigori were slain. Enoch was so pious, so humble before god, that he was spared the flood and admitted bodily into heaven. There his angelic half shone so brightly that he was taken to the higher heavens and granted the word of The Host so that Metatron’s work would not go entirely undone. However, Enoch is still at a major disadvantage. Metatron knew the will of God, whereas Enoch can only intuit and interpret.

Design Notes

As with Metatron, Enoch is not really a suitable superior for PC characters. The duties of his servitors are primarily based on acting as intermediaries between the host of heaven and its agents on earth, of course this doesn’t mean that a player wont find a way to make it work, just be sure to remind them that just because you can constantly ask heaven for direction doesn’t mean that you should.


It is dissonant for a Servitor of the Host to resonate with a demon or to compel any other angel into an act that generates dissonance.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim – (restricted) – So long as one of Enoch’s Seraphim has received prior consent, they may use their resonance to answer truthfully on behalf of another angel. They are not themselves able to ask or volunteer any questions, nor do they gain any insight beyond what is provided by the answers.

Cherubim – (restricted) – The Guardians are Enoch’s most favored servitors, they stand ready to assist and protect any angel they are attuned to and can monitor the motions and state of the host. Cherubim of the Host may attune to two Celestials per Force so long as they have the permission of both without any coercion.

Ofanim – The Ofanite of The Host may move freely between Heaven’s Cathedrals (giving them almost instantaneous travel between Tethers).

Elohim – The Powers of The Host can tell at a glance what motivates a Celestial. This reveals the Choir or Band, Superior, Word, and types of Celestial Discord.

Malakim – Enoch does not feel it is his place to decide which Celestials are beyond God’s grace. His Malakim have the unenviable task of warding those Demons and Outcasts who legitimately seek redemption. Then again, should their charges waver – well there is a reason why Enoch appoints Malakites to this task. Enoch’s Virtues may add their Celestial Forces to any role made to resist Demonic Resonance.

Kyriotates – (restricted) – Enoch’s Kyriotates may occupy the vacant vessels of other Celestials, ensuring that they are still seen going about their business while the original Celestial attends to duties outside their corporeal body. This is mostly done to relieve Angels, but has been used to confound the forces of hell during particularly sensitive redemptions.

Mercurian – (restricted) – Since Enoch is a man, or as close to man as any Archangel can be, his very presence recharges the Mercurians who serve him. On a successful invocation you may regain up to Check Digit essence. (Abuse of this ability will make it harder to invoke Enoch in the future).

Grigori – Because he does not wish to compound the initial crime of the Grigori, Enoch would only accept the services of such an angel if it was first cleared by both Khalid and Dominic (guess how common that is). Grigori of the Host could add their Physical Forces on all Perception checks made to detect disturbances in the Symphony generated by mortals with celestial blood.

Bright Lilim – (restricted) – When a Helpers of the Host fulfills the need of a Distinguished Celestial without imposing a Geas, they gain Essence equal to the level of the need.

Servitor Attunements

Signal to Noise – This Servitor of Enoch may spend their essence in concert with another celestial in order to assist in invoking a Superior.

Sublime Process – The Enochians have spent so long maintaining celestial bureaucracy that they can turn red tape into red carpets without skipping a single point of procedure. Angels with this attunement can automatically recognize the quickest way to navigate any procedural hurdles, and may make a Savoire-Faire roll to do so in a way that forestalls any objection.


Vassal of the Lord – So long as neither hell nor this angel benefits from their work, they will automatically succeed on all Will checks to resist temptation and manipulation.

Friend of Translation – These angels produce only a single note of dissonance when entering or leaving celestial form or the corporeal plane.

Master of the Heavenly Host – For purposes of authority, you are considered to have the Master distinction within every heavenly hierarchy (you must still earn the other distinctions if you want their mechanical benefits).

Higher Distinctions

Enoch does not currently offer any higher distinctions.


Although he has taken on many of the duties of Metatron, Enoch remains one of the most humble and respectful of all archangels. His angels are the civil servants of heaven, they ensure that everything functions as it should – and while they will not break the rules, they are more than happy to use them as they are best able to bring relief to angels in need. (For example, it is not uncommon for a servitor of Enoch to stand trial before Dominic for the transgressions of another so that the offending angel may continue in their duties until sentence has been passed).

Allied: Laurence (Dominic & Yves are allied with Enoch)
Associated: Dominic, Gabriel, Novalis, Yves
Enemies: No One


  • Spend 24 hours in Heaven
  • Give 3 essence to other angels (max 1/day)


Chance of Invocation: 1

Invocation Modifiers
+1 Give a point of essence to another angel
+1 Give your last point of essence to another angel
+2 Paperwork in excess of 10 pages
+3 Have a prepared agenda*
+4 A dying holy man
+5 A Child of the Grigori
+6 A true apocalyptic text
Varies – Any celestial relic (+1 per resource level, must be surrendered to Enoch).

*In order to get this benefit the player must actually prepare the agenda – including any questions they wish to ask. The GM is free to reduce this bonus if the agenda seems too long. Deviation from the Agenda is likely to earn Enoch’s ire.