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Walpurgisnacht from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The play stops on Walpurgisnacht,
and the Earth does not turn even once more.
The story will not change.

Walpurgisnacht, or the eve of St. Walpurga’s day is one of the many names for the night of April 30. It is a powerful night for the forces of Heaven and Hell, as well as for some of the more powerful Ethereals. As such, it would be quite reasonable to tie some of the night’s traditions into your campaign.

In addition to describing some of the players in the night’s festivities, I have also proposed a trio of adventure hooks – one for heaven, one for hell, and one that’s just a little bit more up for grabs.

The Fires of Protection

Walpurgisnacht Fires

With so many people setting bonfires, April 30 is a great night for the Servitors of Gabriel to head out and dispense their various forms of justice. No matter where they are, there is likely to be a source of essence nearby. This may even be why the fires have such a reputation for holding evil at bay.

However, since the association of the fires is with Protection and not Retribution, Zadkiel is also quite active on this night. It is they who typically answer the prayers for sanctuary or healthy livestock.

Infernal Adventure Hook

As April is about to end, one of Belial’s servitors approaches the the party with a proposition. He’ll help them out with a sticky bit of demolition they need if they agree to help him make one of the Walpurgisnacht fires run wild. The fire itself is no problem, but he won’t be able to manage the trick if the Malakite of Protection that he’s seen in the area is there to guard it. Can the party distract the Angel long enough for the demon to turn this night of good fortune into a great tragedy?

The Witches’ Night

Francisco de Goya’s Witches’ Sabath

Sorcerer’s do not like being obvious. At the same time, they will take advantage of whatever power is at their disposal. If people throughout the world believe that dark magic is at its peak on this night, then it is at its most powerful on this night. It is the perfect night for Kronos to push these sorcerer’s towards their Dark Fates, and the Baroness Hatiphas is often at the fore of these attempts.

Andrealphus is also fairly active on this night, but for an entirely different reason.

Divine Adventure Hook

As April draws to a close, a source close to the party tips them off that a class of Warlocks is preparing to take its final vows and attain their power on the night of the 30th. Will they be able to disrupt the ritual and save the souls of these misguided mortals, or will they face not only Hatiphas but a force of newly empowered Hellsworn eager to test out their new abilities?

The Horned God

Sculpture of the Horned God

The Horned God is a powerful Etherial Entity. He is one of only a handful of deities to have attained their godhead after the end of the Purity Crusades. He is worshiped by Wiccans and a number of other neo-pagan movements, and one of the largest rites in his honor happens on the night of April 30. With such a large supply of Essense at his command, this is also the time when he is most likely to appear in the Corporeal realm.

On this day in particular, he is more than capable of throwing a spanner into the works of either Heaven or Hell, though he usually prefers to stay out of their battles unless specifically importuned by one of his worshipers.

Wildcard Adventure Hook

Servitors of both Andrealphus and Eli have a nasty habit of trying to subvert the Horned God’s rites so that they server their own Superior (even if Eli himself has a tendency to show up in support of the new god). An intrepid band of Celestials may be tasked with tapping this source of worship (or denying it to the other side).


May 1 is also a powerful day for Heaven and Hell, though the players are a bit different.

Having the appropriate players come in to give the party relief would be a nice touch.

The Wiki Word

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