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Last month I was contacted by the artist who designed one of the logos I used back when I first started this blog. I had believed the work to be in the public domain, it turns out that I had been mistaken. It is apparently fairly common for Jerimiah Theis to have his work get pirated and then attributed as stock art. I got snookered this time, but will try to be more vigilant in the future.*

The piece in question was a custom Cutie Mark, styled after the identifying marks from the My Little Pony franchise. This got me thinking, the Mane 6 from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series actually do a decent job of illustrating a number of different Angelic Choirs. Twilight Sparkle is a Malkite of Yves. She is honorable, driven, studious, sees the best and worst in everyone, and is able to draw strength from her own promises.

Rainbow Dash is an Ofanite of Janus. She has power over the weather and can zip just about anywhere in a flash.

Rarity is a Cherub of David (or maybe Eli). She is deeply passionate about her creative work, does best in a thriving community of mutual support, and has a knack for finding gemstones.

Fluttershy is an Elohite of Jordi. She is calm and empathic, with an especially strong connection to the other animals of Equestria.

Pinkie Pie is a Mercurian of Gabriel. She is always up for a party, and while the others might find her a bit annoying at times, there is no one better to pull them out of their self-destructive funks.

Applejack is a Seraph of Novalis (or maybe David). She is hard working, has a way with plants, and is honest to a fault unless it means asking for help.

In many ways, these characters are some of the very best models you could find for Angelic player characters. They are all dedicated to improving Equestria, they all work together surprisingly well, but each has their own personality and outlook. If left to their own devices they will all do completely different things. Also, while they fit the motives and constraints of the various Choirs and Superiors quite well, they are not beholden to the stereotypes about those Choirs – something very easy to lose sight of when creating your own characters.

*I will also likely revisit the theme of digital piracy at some point. Perhaps suggesting some Servitors of Vapula or Valefor who take a particular delight in promoting and perpetrating such frauds.