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One of the more recognizable aspects of Vapula is that he is the only Superior who outright bans a Band or Choir from serving him. The official reason is that Vapula doesn’t want the chaos that surrounds them to upset his experiments. However, this problem is very easily solved: don’t let them get close to the experiments.

If you don’t like the official line, perhaps you can find an appropriate way to include Calabim of Technology among the following options.

Damage Mitigation: Chaos Fuse (restricted)

Vapula outfits his Calabim with a chaos fuse. The first time this demon loses control of their Resonance, the fuse burns out and there are no other consequences. It requires 1 essence to “replace” the fuse.

Industrial Sabotage (restricted)

Just as Vapula uses is Lilim for Industrial Espionage, he uses his Calabim for Industrial Sabotage. They are trained to integrate themselves into research environments tied to Jean or otherwise working for the benefit of mankind. Once there they ensuring that the data is unusable or that the device cannot go into mass production.

So long as they have access to the relevant facilities, these Calabim may use their Resonance in opposition to any role made for purposes of research, production, or fabrication. However, the more often they use their resonance, the more obvious the effects will become (it still causes the normal amount of damage, but that damage is usually so spread out that it will be non-obvious).

Mobile Generator

Towards the end of the 19th Century, Ludwig Boltzman was able to demonstrate that entropy and energy were intimately connected. Taking this knowledge and combining it with Abraham-Louis Perrelet’s self-winding pocket watch design, Vapula was able to create a watch that stores up Celestial Energy when it is exposed to a Chaotic Aura.

These watches gain 1 Essence for each day they spend inside of a Calabite’s Chaotic Aura, and another Essence whenever they (or the wearer) take damage from Calabite Resonance. Calabim in service to Vapula receive one of these Vapula/Boltzman Watches as their Attunement. It can store as much Essence as they have Corporeal Forces.

Even though these watches are granted as an Attumenement, the essence inside must be accessed as if they were Reliquaries. Most “traveling” Vapula/Boltzman Watches can only be tapped for essence by Calabim (and Ofanim). However, it is rumored that Vapula also has giant Boltzman Tanks where he puts any Calabite who sufficiently displeases him, and that any authorized servitor can draw the essence off of those generators.

Planned Obsolescence

One of the most effective ways to encourage people to adopt new technologies is to cause the old ones to break down. These demons may start the game with one of Vapula’s Archaic Attunements (Superiors IV p105, Liber Neglecta).

Quality Assurance: Failure Testing

In this variation, Vapula doesn’t just tolerate his Calabim, but actually welcomes them as a part of the team. They work for Vapula’s Engineering division, determining just what it would take to make one of Vapula’s new creations fail. They are highly analytical, and may add their Ethereal Forces to the Target Number of any Electronics, Engineering, or Knowledge roll made to determine why a object or device failed.

Quality Assurance: Field Testing

Rather than giving his Calabim a permanent attunement, they will be assigned a new Relic that’s “under development” at the start of each mission. The Calabite will be personally responsible for the Relic’s well being and for reporting on it’s performance in the field. The Relic may or may not be relevant to the mission at hand. Generally speaking, you should aim for a relic worth somewhere between 4 and 6 Character Points. The more relevant the relic is to the current mission, the weaker it should be.

I would strongly suggest incorporating Limitations from Liber Reliquarium (p21). This gives the character something to discover and also allows the Relic to have slightly more oomph. The players should not know what all the Limitations are (but if there is a command word, they probably would be given that).

Quality Assurance: Paranoia Variation

For a particularly slapstick game, you can turn the Field Testing variation into the Paranoia Variation. The two are almost identical. However, instead of giving the Calabite something practical, their Relics come from performing a Google Search for “Paranoia R&D Gadgets.”