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The City That Never Sleeps

I have been thinking of ways to merge In Nomine with Don’t Rest Your Head. In many ways the hardest part is also the most critical – how can you get from one world into the other without breaking the internal logic of either.

I think the most elegant solution is to use these Songs of the Slumbering City.

Instead of being discovered in the normal manner, these songs emerged from the ethereal strands that have woven together to make the Slumbering City. They draw heavily on the Domain’s own nature. The Corporeal Song has a tendency to implant itself into anyone who visits the Domain and the Etherial Song is there just waiting to be discovered by any terror powerful enough to start dragging new residents into the City.

Because of her connection to Nightmares, Beleth also has also learned of these songs. While she is not fool enough to trust the greedy urban domain – she might teach them to one or two of her servitors just to see what happens.

Corporeal Song of the Slumbering City

This song creates a path that will take the singer physically into the Ethereal Domain of the Slumbering City. This path typically takes the form of a door or an alleyway where none normally exists and is visible to anyone traveling with the singer or who is Symphonically Aware. Some unlucky insomniacs may also be able to notice it. Once created this path lasts until dawn or until a number of Forces equal to the singer’s Corporeal Forces + Check Digit have passed through.

The Slumbering City typically keeps people from realizing that they know this song or that they are singing it. However, should someone learn this song without traveling to the Ethereal Domain of the Slumbering City (such as a Servitor of Beleth), they will most likely be exempt from the City’s Influence.

Ethereal Song of the Slumbering City

There are two variations of this song. Regardless of the variation being used, only people capable of visiting the Slumbering City (insomniacs and the Symphonically Aware) can hear it.

The first variation can be sung anywhere. It creates a compulsion that will draw the listeners towards the Ethereal Domain of the Slumbering City. Much as with the Song of Calling, this feels like a gentle “tug” directing the listener towards where they are wanted. However, once someone attempt to resist or ignore the call they must succeed on a Will roll or they will find themselves following it anyway.

The second variation can only be sung from within the Ethereal Domain of the Slumbering City. Once again it behaves like a Song of Calling with an added compulsion. The target can be in any realm at any distance so long as the singer and the target have some connection or the singer knows the target’s true name. This version of the spell draws the target directly to the singer, rather than to the Slumbering City in general.

Celestial Song of the Slumbering City

The Ethereal Domain of the Slumbering City is itself a powerful spirit of Insomnia. This song channels some of that sleeplessness. The target of this song will be restless and unable to sleep for a number of hours equal to the Song’s Level multiplied by the Check Digit. During this time the target will only be able to focus on a task if they obsess about it.

Technical Details

Essence Requirement: 2
Disturbance: Check Digit + Total Forces