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Last week I gave some suggestions on how Lilith might incorporate some higher distinctions into her court without abandoning her focus on freedom and choice. This week I thought it would be worthwhile to give an example of minion from outside the Lilim who has chosen to serve the Princess of Freedom.

Amagi, Impudite of Freedom

Captain of the Third Choice, Demon of Jubilees

800px-Ama-gi.svgCorporeal Forces: 2
[Strength 3, Agility 5]
Ethereal Forces: 4
[Intelligence 9, Precision 7]
Celestial Forces: 4
[Will 9, Perception 7]
Word Forces: 4

Vessel: Human/2 charisma 1 (spunky)
Role: Occupy & Rolling Jubilee Activist 4/2
Skills: Computers, Detect Lies, Driving, Economics, Emote, Fast Talk, History, Lying, Running, Savoir-Faire, Survival (Urban)
Songs: Charm (Etheral & Celestial), Draining (Ethereal), Freedom (all), Harmony (all), Hunger (Ethereal), Nemesis (Ethereal & Celestial), Opening (Ethereal & Celestial), Plagues (Celestial), Shields (Ethereal), Solace (Ethereal), Tongues (Corporeal)
Attunements: None. Mammon is NOT happy with Amagi.
Distinctions: Knight Errant, Captain of the Third Choice

Special Rites: If it’s a Jubilee Year regain all essence at dusk.
Special Ability: Annul a debt worth $10,000 (or 1 point of discord) for 1 essence.

Roughly three millennia ago, Mammon tasked Amagi with spoiling Marc’s Jubilee experiment. She did it well enough to earn her word, but only by ruining the fortune of many merchants.  Several of these merchants were under contract to join Mammon, but only if he delivered immense wealth to them in life.

The Demon Prince’s wrath was immense, and he went to terrible lengths to get Amagi committed to one of his debtor’s prisons. Unfortunately for Mammon, the impudite’s new found ability to annul debts meant that she could sidestep any attempt to bind her in contracts or hook her with geases (an ability that Amagi’s angelic opposite, Yovel, shares in a more constrained manner).

Eventually Mammon realized that he would need The Game to track down the rogue Impudite and had her declared a Renegade. Amagi, being the clever little devil that she is realized that even she was not capable enough to outwit both Mammon and Asmodeus, so she approached Lilith with a deal. In exchange for Lilith’s protection, Amagi would not annul any Lilim’s geases without first informing the Princess of Freedom. Lilith agreed on the condition that the pair be free to renegotiate terms every 50 years – a subtle favor that simultaneously acknowledged the source of Amagi’s power while also countering it with an equally strong Geas hook.

Amagi rarely goes about uprooting regional economies anymore. She’s fairly certain Lilith would probably back her, but there’s always the chance that such a disruption would make her a liability to the Princess of Freedom and leave her without any protection from Mammon. Still, a girl can dream. Amagi would revel in a worldwide Jubilee and its potential to spark financial chaos.