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Sigil of Lilith - Provenance UnknownAs I see it, Lilith would likely have three Doge (see Lilith’s Distinctions for a description of a Doge and why I think Lilith would use them instead of Dukes).

Unlike other Princes who use their Dukes to impose hierarchy, reward strong and loyal service, or bribe and co-opt potential rivals, I suspect that Lilith uses her Doge to offload her work so that she truly can be free when she wants to be. As such, a Doge will likely be dismissed back to the general population as soon as Lilith steps in to do the job again herself.

The Doge Secretary (aka the Guildmistress)

The Doge Secretary oversees the Guild of Free Lilim in Lilith’s Absence. Candidates are selected from among the Secretarial Pool by the Secretaries themselves then voted upon by the general membership of the Guild of Free Lilim.

The Doge Secretary has the heaviest administrative load and the most visible role within the Guild. Because of this, she also often has the most influence within the guild – but she is still technically a peer to the other Secretaries, she can suggest they do things for the smooth running of the guild but cannot actually order them about.

The Doge of Freedom

The Doge of Freedom attends to the actual Princedom of Freedom (small as it is). She is responsible for Lilith’s holdings in Shal-Mari and for defending, directing, and admonishing the Servitors of Freedom as appropriate.

The Doge of Freedom is selected from among all the Servitors of Freedom and cannot serve past the end of whatever contract binds her to Lilith. Votes are typically cast among Lilith’s Knights, Captains, and (if you are using them) Godi, especially those who have already proven themselves adept at going toe-to-toe with The Game.

Some turn to The Media or Factions in order to get their message out, but this is typically considered bad move. Inviting outside interference into the elections of Freedom is one of the few ways to guarantee Lilith’s personal attention (she’s yet to reject the outcome of an election, but she has convinced some candidates that it is not in their best interests to pursue a leadership position).

The Doge of Temptation


Even the Brights have been known to take part in the council and election to select the Doge of Temptation. However, this is a rare occurance. Most don’t like traveling to Hell. It puts their sisters in a tough spot with The Game and often strains relations with their own Archangel as well.

The Doge of Temptation is responsible for ensuring that various Princes want Lilim, but also that no Lilim are abused unduly regardless of which superior they serve. She is effectively Lilith’s ambassador to the other Superiors and has the least direct authority among the Doge. However, she has broad approval from Lilith to commission the guild for acts of retribution and/or to request that the guild withhold service from a Superior until such time as Lilith can rule on a matter.

The senior Lilim of each Superior and the Doge Secretary of the Guild of Free Lilim impanel a special council responsible for selecting possible candidates for the Doge of Temptation. Any Lilim who is able may vote in this election regardless of Superior or standing before The Game.

Words and Titles

It should be noted that Doge Secretary, Doge of Freedom, and Doge of Temptation are all titles. They may or may not be Wordbound, but if they are that word will have been earned entirely separately from their title.