There’s an interesting comment in the Game Master’s Guide: Lucifer may currently have more Demon Princes than Heaven has Archangels, but he has an even larger number of dead Demon Princes. That means there are a lot of former Demon Princes we know nothing about

Known Infernal Superiors



Alaemon (Secrets)
Andrealphus (Lust)
Asmodeus (The Game)
Baal (The War)
Beleth (Nightmares)
Belial (Fire)
Fleurity (Drugs)
Furfur (Hardcore)
Haagenti (Gluttony)
Kobal (Dark Humor)
Kronos (Fate)
Lilith (Freedom)
Magog (Cruelty)
Malphas (Factions)
Mammon (Greed)
Nybbas (Media)
Saminga (Death)
Valefor (Theft)
Vapula (Technology)
Beelzebub (1st Corruption)
Demogorgon (Destruction)
Gebbeleth (1st Secrets)
Genubath (Rapine)
Legion (2nd Corruption)
Makatiel (Disease)
Mariel (Oblivion)
Meserach (Sloth)
Vephar (the Seas)

In order to bring hell’s hierarchy in line with the Game Master’s Guide we would need to at least double the number of dead superiors.

Right now I’m just brainstorming, but here are some ideas for who else might have had a shot at the shiny brass ring of hell:

  • Demon of Backstabbing (betrayed by one of his Dukes)
  • Demon of Conquest (killed by Makatiel)
  • Demon of Curiosity (killed by either Asmodeus or Gebbeleth)
  • Demon of Envy (killed by Genubath)
  • Demon of False Gods (killed by Uriel during the Purity Crusades)
  • Demon of Famine (bested by Marc and Novalis working in concert)
  • Demon of Ignorance (promoted after Mariel’s death, killed by Vapula)
  • Demon of Joylessness (absorbed by Mariel)
  • Demon of Malice (killed by David and Novalis)
  • Demon of Murder (died under mysterious circumstances)
  • Demon of Obsession (consumed by Haagenti)
  • Demon of Pride (killed by Lucifer while attempting to steal his throne)
  • Demon of Punishment (crippled in an attempt to imprison Lilith)
  • Demon of Stinginess (bought out by Mammon)
  • Demon of Tyranny (killed by Lilith and Marc secretly working together)
  • Demon of Vainglory (killed in a direct confrontation with Michael)
  • Demon of Wrath (killed in a direct assault against heaven)

If you have another idea (or if you’d like me to produce a full write up for one of these former demon princes), I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

EDIT: Links added as homebrew write ups are generated for each of these former princes.