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Diablo_HeadIf you’re looking for a slightly different world for your In Nomine game, but still don’t want to build the universe up from scratch, the Diablo franchise can serve as a reasonable alternative.

Key Differences


Everyone in the World of Sanctuary is a Nephalite. There is no maximum cap on forces and mortals may learn Songs as soon as they’ve reached their 6th Force.

Heaven & Hell

In the main In Nomine universe there are more than 13 Superiors on each side of the conflict. Within the Diablo Universe Hell has 7 and Heaven 5.

Prime Evil


Angiris Counselor


Andariel Anguish Auriel Hope
Azmodan Sin Imperius Valor
Baal Destruction Itherael Fate
Belial Lies Tyrael
(now mortal)
Diablo Terror Malthael
(now corrupt)
Duriel Pain
Mephisto Hatred Corrupt Malthael Death

Representing Superiors

In truth, each of these Superiors should have their own unique set of Attunements based on their role and personailty within the Diablo universe – but if you’re looking for something quick and easy I would suggest the following equivalencies.

Note: The superiors of Sanctuary can be killed, though not necessarily defeated. You should probably stat them out as powerful demons with 15-18 forces and potent Words so that PCs can challenge them.

Prime Evils

  • Andariel, use Andrealphus
  • Azmodan, use Haagenti
  • Baal, use Belial but replace “fire” with “ice.”
  • Belial, use Asmodeus
  • Diablo, use Beleth but remove the dissonance condition
  • Duriel, use Magog
  • Mephisto, use Malphas

Angiris Counselors

  • Auriel, use Blandine
  • Imperius, use Michael
  • Itherael, use Yves
  • Tyrael, use Dominic
  • Malthael, use Lawrence

If you want there to be angels who directly serve the will of Anu, give them Eli’s abilities. However, Anu is dead, he cannot be summoned and his will can only express itself at the Crystal Arch.

Reapers (not actually on the side of heaven)

  • Corrupt Malthael, use Saminga

God and the Devil

Anu was the first being in the Diablo universe, and the entity from which all else followed. He created Tathamet, the first Evil, when he attempted to purge evil from his own being. The two of them ultimately destroyed each other, though echoes of each still exist.


Within the world of Sanctuary, Lilith is a full blown demon. A child of Mephisto and progenitor of the race of man. She is still the head of the order of Lilim (called Succubi in the Diablo universe), though many serve Andariel instead of Lilith. She may or may not be a superior.

Further Reading

There are several wikis dedicated to gathering the known information about the Diablo universe. Familiarizing yourself with the various classes and organizations present on Sanctuary can help you figure out acceptable Roles and likely political machinations.