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Fallen Angel

A human like “Angel” has fallen out of the skies over London. The extremely human like creature with what seems to be “angel” wings as arms appears to have fallen from the sky at around 1:50pm this afternoon.

The ‘Angel’ like creature was quickly rushed away by what seemed to be undercover police officers dressed in suits and sunglasses, resembling the characters in the hit movie Men in Black.

It comes just hours before NASA announced finding ‘Earth 2.0′ the most habitable planet ever discovered.


The preceding story has been making the rounds on social media and clickbait sites. However, the images used in the ZON News story actually comes from Bejing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, known for using human fats to produce hyper realistic art (the Snopes article is now online). Either way, the story of an angel falling from the skies and the humans employed as part of the cover up could make for a great short run adventure.