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Die_Gartenlaube_(1887)_b_705_2Each of Alaemon’s duchies has two names. The bureau designation (SI1, SI2, &c.) is Alaemon’s name for the duchy. The other is Gebbeleth’s old title for the corresponding duchy. Inside the conspiracy, only the first is supposed to be used. However, since nobody really respects Alaemon and the old form is so much more interesting, many in Hell still apply the Gebbelite titles.

All of Alaemon’s duchies are located in Stygia, though theoretically he could claim Gebbeleth’s secret territories if he ever finds them.

Secret Duchies

Director of SI1/Duke of the Bow
Nobody knows what SI1 does

Director of SI2/Duke of Shank
SI2 seems to be in charge of assassinations and possibly internal security and/or other active operations


I have listed the suspected focus of each bureau, but nothing is certain in The Conspiracy

Director of SI3/Duke of the Collar
(Hamet the Balseraph)
Demon of Private Shame – appointed to unseat the Director of SI4

Director of SI4/Duke of Throating
(Rumjal the Balseraph)
Demon of Blackmail – an old Gebbelite Loyalist

Director of SI5/Duke of Pin
SI5 appears to be Aleamon’s Signal Interception and Cryptography bureau

Director of SI6/Duke of Bits
SI6 is most likely Alaemon’s technology bureau, though they also seem to have an uncommon interest in making and solving complex puzzles

Director of SI7/Duke of Wards
SI7 is the Secretarial corps charged with the keeping of secrets (and possibly bodyguard duty as well)

Director of SI8/Duke of Stem
SI8 seems to do a lot of the same things as SI2

Note: Several of Alaemon’s duchies are left vacant, but they still exist on paper in order to make his organization look bigger than it actually is. However, just because no one is at the head of a bureau doesn’t mean that it stops functioning.

What Does SI Stand For?

Sorry, that’s classified.

No, seriously, we’re talking about the Prince of Secrets. Nobody knows what the SI stands for except the prince himself, but here is some of the most common speculation:

  • Secondary Investiture
  • Secret Intelligence
  • Somewhere Intangible
  • Stygian Intelligence

Naming Principles

There were a few different principles that came into play when designing Alaemon’s Duchies.

  1. Alaemon is a minor Prince, he shouldn’t be able to support all that many dukes (Fleurity and Kobal each have only four).
  2. Alaemon is obsessed with secrets and obfuscation which means that he might consider having more duchies than dukes.
  3. The broken key is one of Alaemon’s symbols, it therefore seemed somehow apropos that Gebbeleth would have based his title off of the key (all 8 duchies correspond to a different portion of a Ward Key)
  4. Because Alaemon seems to be interested in being a super secret spy (even though Asmodeus pretty much has a lock on spycraft), it seemed appropriate that he would model his own titles off of something like the British Directorate of Military Intelligence.
  5. Whatever model I used would have to accommodate Hamet and Rumjal since the two of them are part of In Nomine canon (to be clear: the name, band, and distinction are canon – the name of the duchy is not).