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Sigil of Andrealphus - GoetiaThe first thing to remember is that the attention of the Beautiful Prince tends to bring on an all-consuming passion. The second is that his dukes and duchesses are his favorites. This has resulted in an odd type of musical chairs among the upper echelons of his court. No duke wants to help another, but neither can they earn Andrealphus’ displeasure by allowing one of the Beautiful Princes’ holdings to fall into disrepair.

Of course, once a duke has again been sent out from the Bordello their holding will typically have been diminished to their own house in Shal-Mari (and sometimes even that will have been infiltrated). Those who cannot re-establish their power base will typically lose their place in the Beautiful Prince’s hierarchy.

After setting their affairs at home in order (and sometimes even before that), the duke will reach out to see which of their peers is currently vulnerable. This will often (but not always) be one of the dukes who has been called in to service at the Bordello. By “assisting” the distracted duke the newly returned duke gains a base of operations and a chance to seed some of their own agents.

Some dukes try to take over the establishments they’re “helping,” others just want them as a springboard to go after the territories that really interest them. Either way it allows Andrealphus’ Dukes to constantly “grow” their influence while minimizing the amount of direct conflict that could undermine the Word of Lust.

As you might imagine, this results in borders that switch quite frequently.

Lust Duchies

Duke of Assignation
Currently missing from assignment to The Bordello – generally assumed to be bound up in one of Andrealphus’ personal chambers

Duke of Bawdy
Currently managing the dreams and nightmares of lust

Duke of Call
Currently overseeing Andrealphus’ corporeal concerns

Duchess of Cat
Currently managing most of the brothels in Hades and Stygia

Duke of Ill Fame
Current viceroy over Lust’s domains in the outer marches

Duke of Ill Repute
Currently manages the skin trade in Gehenna, Sheol, and Abbadon

Duke of Jay
Currently trying to expand his influence in Shal-Mari

Duchess of Lady’s Board
Currently serving Andrealphus directly in the Bordello

Duke of Leaping
Currently serving Andrealphus directly in the Bordello

Duke of Notch
Currently focusing his attentions on Lust’s expeditions into the lower hells

Duchess of Red Doors
Currently the most heavily established duchess in Shal-Mari

Duchess of Sporting
Currently “assisting” the Duke of Call in managing corporeal affairs

Lust and Shal-Mari

As you might have noticed, most of the Dukes of Lust focus their attentions outside of Shal-Mari. There just isn’t enough of it to fit the whole of Andrealphus’ duchies inside (especially not with five other Princes sharing in the district’s administration).

Even so, no Duke of Lust is every entirely detached from Sin City. Every one of them maintains a manor or shop somewhere within Shal-Mari, the Bordello, or both.

Shifting Borders

I have listed the current focus of each duke in order to provide a jumping off point. However, these areas of influence are constantly in flux and can easily be changed to fit the needs of your game.

Regardless of whose attention is where, the the typical breakdown will looks something like this:

  • Shal-Mari: 1-2
  • The Bordello: 3
    usually enough to ensure someone is administering The Bordello
  • Lower Hells: 1
  • Other Infernal Territories: 2
    Gehenna & Hades mostly, with some in Sheol, Abbadon, & Stygia
  • Ethereal Holdings: 2-3
    dreams, nightmares, and far marches
  • Corporeal Interests: 2

However, while these indicate where the individual dukes focus their attention, none of Andrealphus’ nobility can afford to limit their attention. It’s generally safe to assume that all the dukes have at least some interest in Shal-Mari, the Bordello, and one or more of Andrealphus’ outside holdings.

Organizing Theme

You know how the Duke of York was the head of the House of York and the Duke of Lancaster was the head of the House of Lancaster? Well then the Duke of Ill Repute must be the head of the House of Ill Repute.

Every single one of Andrealphus’ ducal titles becomes a term for brothel if you add “house” to it.

Twelve is probably a touch on the high side for the number of duchies that Lust can actually support, but since he is one of the few princes who will effectively incapacitate nobles who are in favor, it seemed reasonable for him to have a slightly inflated number of dukes so that his influence would not wane while his appetites waxed.

If you prefer Andrealphus to have a more streamlined organization, he could probably get by with as few as seven Dukes:

  1. Personal Secretary
  2. Bordello Manager
  3. Shal-Mari Governor
  4. Infernal Agent
  5. Ethereal Viceroy
  6. Corporeal Agent
  7. Duke “At Large”
    to keep things going when a Duke is “entertaining”