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Seal of GabrielThe Servitors of Gabriel face a special challenge when they are in Heaven. Each and every one feels a deep compulsion to confront cruelty on a regular basis. This hardly presents an obstacle on earth, but Heaven may be something more of a challenge. Since failure can causes these angels to Fall, it is worth considering how the Flames have managed to exist as part of the Silver City for eons upon eons.


Each of these ideas is only a suggestion. Please feel free to pick and chose among them for the option(s) that best fit your game.


The easy option is amnesty. While a servitor of Gabriel is in Heaven they are exempted from their Dissonance Condition. I also do not like it. Dissonance conditions are a pathway to The Fall. If Superiors could negate them in job lots, why would they keep them around at all?

Recommended For: Surprise stays in Heaven during games that don’t normally go there

Heavenly Reprieve

The kindest solution that I like is the Heavenly Reprieve. In this variation it is the presence of cruelty that drives the Flames to combat it. Since heaven is mostly without, Servitors of Gabrielle who stay within the Celestial City can avoid dissonance by furthering Fire in any way. Look to Gabriel’s Celestial Jobs (Superiors III p64) and Common Malakite Oaths (Superiors III p42) for non confrontational ways they can do this.

Recommended For: Bright & High Contrast Games

Commuter Angels

Soldekai, Chamberlain of the Legions of Flame, is well aware of the challenge facing Gabriel’s servitors and either turns a blind eye to “unscheduled” earthly visits or else manages them himself in a complex rotation that ensures no Angel of Fire is left to burn in their own flame.

However, this means that either Gabriel’s host is smaller than usual, or that her angels turn up all over the place. Consider having a handful of “pop up” Flames on hand that can show up at convenient (or inconvenient) times throughout your campaign.

Recommended For: One Offs & Very Long Campaigns

The Purgatory Project

Within the world of In Nomine, those who achieve their Destiny are admitted to Heaven, those who meet their Fate condemned to Hell. Cruelty and morality help color what someone’s Destiny and Fate are, but it is still entirely possible for someone who was petty or viscious in life to end up in heaven if the whole of their life was a net benefit to the Symphony.


For a lighter variation of the Purgatory Project, you can turn it into Missionary work for the Flames. Rather than punishing the cruel in heaven, these angels descending into hell in order to flay away the cruel and corrupt elements of fallen souls so that they can enter heaven.

That’s great for Yves but hardly satisfying to Gabriel or her Servitors. As a result, Flames in heaven take it upon themselves to visit these recently (and not so recently departed) to ensure they know the errors of their earthly ways. Depending on how dark your game is these visits could vary from time-outs and counseling sessions to protracted tortures that could turn the denizens of Hell green with envy. However, even in the most horrific and grueling version of the Purgatory Project, the objective will be to purge a soul of its wickedness. Eventually souls in the care of the purgators will be allowed to go free (even if it requires flaying away the bulk of their Etherial and Celestial forces).

Recommended For: Mid to Low Contrast Games

The Vigilance Committee

As with the Purgatory Project, members of the Vigilance Committee act as an extralegal arm of God’s vengeance within heaven. However, instead of regulating the souls of the departed, their target is their fellow angels. Where Judgement is ruled by his word, these angels are governed more by passion.

In a lighter game, these Flames may act as volunteer advocates, pointing out the unintentional cruelties inflicted by their peers (censuring Seraphim for revealing harmful truths, requiring Malkim to feel the pain of their “collateral damage,” and the like). If you favor more sinister tones, the Vigilance Committee could easily be the moral bullies of heaven with all the overtones of an internal Purity Crusade. In this latter variation, the criminals of heaven may be eager to turn themselves over to Judgement. At least Dominic makes sure the punishment fits the crime Vigilantes in full flame will merely turn on each other after the fact to make up for their own excess.

Recommended For: Mid to Low Contrast Games

All In

It is always possible that Gabriel doesn’t have any specific solutions for her servitors in heaven. As far as she is concerned the War is on earth and that’s where the Flames belong. Should an Angel of Fire ascend, they’re to take care of their business as quickly as possible and then return to earth where they can smite more of the wicked. Whatever methods she may have used in the past have been burnt away by her all consuming madness. If you’re not actively fighting evil, you are not of the Flame.

With no additional protections or outlets, Angels of Fire who do remain in heaven are at a high risk of falling. Something which should raise some poignant questions about the true state of Soldekai’s soul.

Recommended For: Dark but Mid to High Contrast Games