Sigil of Andrealphus - GoetiaA setting where Andrealphus is ascendant is almost identical to the core setting. He is still a creature of power exchange dedicated to the pursuit of his physical pleasure with no interest in emotional connection.

However, there are two major differences from the main setting:

  1. Andrealphus is the preferred lover of every prince in hell. Some deal with the idea of sharing him better than other, but none can close their door to him no matter how good of an idea they think it is. A little of this attitude carries over to his servitors. There isn’t a door in hell that’s closed to a Lusty, though they will frequently be expected to “work” in exchange for the favor.
  2. Somewhere along the way Andrealphus taught Lilith the joy of submission. This means that he (and his Servitors with Distinction) can reliably call on the services of any Lilim, even ones not normally in their chain of command. As for the Lilim themselves, much more of their focus will now be directed towards physical temptations, though they do ultimately remain hell’s premier traders in favors.


With Andrealphus’ star rising, the PFD would be the second most prominent police force in Hell. It would work closely (some might even say intimately) with The Game, and the director might even make a play for a Principality of her own.

The primary status symbol in hell would be the attentions of prominent Lusties. Essence, souls, and violence would still be its principle currencies, but they’d be used to buy and display Andrealphites.

The biggest change, however, would probably be in princely relations. The more possessive a Prince is, the worse they will get along with the other Princes. Vapula, Valefor, and Mammon have definitely fought at least one war over the Beautiful Prince, and Asmodeus will time raids to disrupt the other Prince’s time with Andrealphus.

Beleth is a somewhat notable exception. She ruts with Andrealphus just as much as any of the other Princes of Hell, but she mostly does it to hurt Blandine. She feels no need to possess (or harm) the Prince of Lust. Of course, she is a Djinn, so she can probably tell you exactly where he is, who he’s with, and what would most terrify his current partner.

State of the War

If Andreaphus is in ascendancy the war will have a slightly different nature. Outside of Belial, Baal, and Kronos, few of the Demon Princes will “take the war to Heaven.” Instead, they will be on earth to pursue their own agendas and passions (and maybe to get or make something shiny to give to the Prince of Lust).

Since Heaven is unlikely to tolerate Hell on Earth, and demons feeding their passions tends to have just as corrosive effect on heavenly tethers as purposeful attacks, the war is likely to continue unabated. However, Infernal tactics are far more likely to focus on defense, and individual demons much more likely to be upset with heaven for constantly interfering.

Lies and Lust

In order for Andrealphus to extend his influence so far, Lucifer would need to be taking a laissez faire approach to the administration of Hell (which is pretty much what he does anyway). Once the extent of the Prince of Lust’s influence became clear, Lucifer would fade even further into the background. Not so far as to lose his own influence and leverage, but far enough that his fellow princes would actually have to work to learn what he was up to (something they’d be unlikely to do if they’re in Andrealphus’ thrall).

Should Hell (or Lucifer) actually be threatened, he would step in to overthrow Andrealphus, and quite possibly a number of his other Princes as well. But so long as the pit is still exercising its defiance of heaven in one way or another, Lucifer will probably remain content.

Freedom in Submission

One consequence of Lilith embracing submission is that all of her Daughters would gain a new Rite.

When ordered to perform a favor, the Lilim may forgo taking a Geas hook and instead regain an amount of essence equal to the level of the favor.

While Lilim will accept an order from anyone, most have a rather select list of “masters.” Becoming a Lilim’s master generally requires a rather sizable favor all on its own. Moreover, a Lilim never needs to surrender a geas hook for essence unless this is an explicit term of her servitude (which will significantly increase the value of the servitude itself). As a result, many Lilim have more control over their “masters” than their masters have over them.

In fact, it is entirely possible that Lilith is the one calling the shots in her relationship with Andrealphus even as he feels its the other way around (and considering how much the other Princes need Andrealphus, she may have a rather firm hold on them as well).