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Lilith by John CollierGustav Davidson identifies somewhere between 35-45 names of Lilith in the appendix to The Dictionary of Angels (some versions appear to be the same with just minor differences in transliteration). While you are certainly free to use these as aliases for Lilith herself, I would strongly suggest using them for the senior Lilim of Hell.

I would probably spread these Lilim around liberally. Some will be Free Lilim, some will serve the Word of Freedom, and some may have taken up service under other Superiors. A few may not even be Lilim, but other demons who are (or have been) in service to Lilith for quite some time.


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3) Assorted sources
Alu, Gallu, and Lamasu appear in Akkadian & Sumerian mythology. I have included links to the relevant Wikipedia entries.

Davidson provided citations for these names. Look to the sidebar to see where he found each.

  1. Abeko1
  2. Abito1
  3. Abro2
  4. Abyzu3
  5. Ailo3
  6. Alu3
  7. Amiz2
  8. Amizo1
  9. Amizu2
  10. Ardad Lili3
  11. Avitu2
  12. Batna1
  13. Bituah2
  14. Eilo1
  15. Gallu3
  16. Gelou3
  17. Gilou3
  18. Ik2
  19. Ils2
  20. Ita1
  21. Izorpo1
  22. Kakash2
  23. Kalee2
  24. Kali1
  25. Kea1
  26. Kema2
  27. Kokos1
  28. Lamasu3
  29. Lilith12
  30. Odam1
  31. Partasah1
  32. Partashah2
  33. Patrota1
  34. Petrota2
  35. Podo1
  36. Pods2
  37. Raphi2
  38. Satrina1
  39. Satrinah2
  40. Talto1
  41. Thiltho2
  42. Zahriel3
  43. Zefonith3

Some of these names were associated with demons in general (and Lilith in particular) as a way to diminish their worship. Lamasu were originally guardians. Combined with their half-man, half-beast appearance they would fit well in the Cherubim or Djinn.

Note: Kali is most likely associated with the place of the same name, not the Hindu goddess.

If you know the history of any of these names (or where it can be found) please post a comment.