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athanasiussymThe Archangel Yves is an invention of Croc for their game In Nomine Satanas / Magna Veritas on which Steve Jackson’s In Nomine is based. He has no direct analogue in any Abrahamic angel lore.

However, there is a figure in the old testament who is very similar to Yves. If you are familiar with French pronunciation you probably noticed the parallel right away. It took me several years (and more than a couple jokes from George Takai) to catch the reference.

Yves is both Adam and Eve.


For those of you waiting on mechanics for the Archangel Cassiel, I have not forgotten about him. I just need a solid block of time when I can look at everything I’ve put together, ensure I haven’t missed anything, and confirm it works as a cohesive whole.

This is in no way a standard interpretation, but there are plenty of hints available.

  • Yves was the first being
  • Yves was formed from god to complement god
  • Yves was entrusted with the naming of all things
  • Yves has the most profound knowledge of good and evil in the whole of The Symphony
  • Yves is the only In Nomine Archangel crafted in the likeness of man

Whether you run with this interpretation is up to you. It is also quite possible to treat Yves like Death or Destiny of the Endless. The perpetual elder sibling who knows what’s best but has learned better than to try and impose his will directly.

But if you do chose to weave the Eve connection in, it allows for some singularly interesting interactions between Lilith and Yves, and raises some additional questions about the true nature of the Eden experiment.

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine how this could influence your game.