I recently received a copy of Ogden McNally’s Journal in the mail. Rather than take pictures of everything, I think I’ll just post one taken by someone else who received the same package.

Diary of Ogden McNally

The medallion is the main reason why I’m including this little gem in my blog. On the one side it has the circled cross, on the other scribbled “runes” that look to be modeled on the alchemically inspired “demonic alphabets.”

This impression is strengthened by the diary itself which alternates between two styles of handwriting, one neat and one wild but both theoretically penned by the same individual while in two different states of mind.

There is a lot of fun to be had if you google “Ogden Andre McNally,” especially if you read the comments. I shall certainly be following up with both the number on the shipping receipt and the publisher when the opportunity presents itself.

This has all the fingerprints of an ARG so even though it does not directly deal with In Nomine, I will probably make some additional space for it on this blog as I interact more with the “game world” and whatever demons it hides.