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Cover to Se7en: Wrath

Se7en: Wrath, Zenescope Entertainment

The world is constrained by chains of rage

In the beginning Kezef was an Elohite of Gabriel assigned to work with Dominic and Asmodeus in developing the concept of justice. He was fair minded and played a major part in balancing the twin impulses of retribution and rehabilitation.

Kezef was too absorbed in his work to pay much attention to the Eden experiment, and the rebellion caught him completely off guard. As an angel of fire and judgement the betrayal felt like a personal, physical attack. Before the armies of heaven had even taken the field, Kezef was losing himself out in the front lines striking a blow against the traitors.
It came as something of a shock to him when it was Lucifer’s army that pulled him from the fray and tended to his wounds. Somewhere in the battle he had lost all sense of objectivity and unintentionally embraced existence as one of the Habbalah.

When the war ended, Kezef was expelled along with all the other demons. While a small part of him was smugly satisfied with the aptness of the rebel’s punishment, it was overwhelmed by outrage at the unfairness of his own treatment. It was at this time that Lucifer approached the fallen angel, and when their discussion was complete Kezef was the newly minted Prince of Wrath.


There is an old rumor that Lucifer first offered Kezef the infernal word of Fire but the Habbalite refused because he still considered Gabriel to be his superior.

Kezef quickly rallied some of his old colleagues to his side. Soon he, Af, Ezrael, Hemah, and Mzpopiasaiel set about the business of teaching men how to right the wrongs committed against them. With his new power Kezef could have easily torn the human world apart, but he still considered himself an Angel and required his servitors to observe Yves ban on direct interference with mankind, or at least direct physical interference. Getting men to punish each other was accepted and encouraged especially if they had acted against the stated will of heaven (or hell’s interpretation of it).

This is what ultimately led to his downfall. A few thousand years ago Kezef discovered that Moses had failed to circumcise his own son. The hypocrisy in Israel’s patriarch outraged the Prince (even more than was usual) and he stormed out to confront the prophet. Emboldened by his word he charged into the tabernacle. It was a fatal mistake. Moses realized his folly and used it to lay a trap, consecrating his home as a heavenly tether and trapping Kezef inside.

Af, the Demon of Anger, has done his best to hold together the army of Wrath, but most of Kezef’s demons have since migrated to the service of Belial or Malphas.

Dissonance Condition

Like most Habbilah, Kezef still considers himself an angel. It is therefore dissonant for a Demon of Wrath to physically harm a human without sufficient cause (if the Demon was not enraged, the cause was probably not sufficient). The dissonance is only triggered once per human (unless the demon “works it off” between assaults). Kezef makes no distinction between a slap and an execution.


Balseraphs can counteract Kezef’s dissonance condition by convincing his servitors they were right to be enraged. This is a common activity for his own liars.

Choir Attunements

Balseraph – Kezef still remembers the heavenly duties his servitors once performed. He has charged his balseraphs with identifying and punishing (other) liars and hypocrites. Wrath’s Liars may add their Ethereal Forces to Emote rolls.

Djinn – Kezef treats his Djinn like Protectors, but these demons are really more interested in avenging wrongs done to their charges than they are in keeping them safe. Wrath’s Stalkers may add their Corporeal Forces to an offensive combat skill chosen at the time this this attunement is gained.

Calabim(restricted) – Wrath’s Destroyers are the embodiment of Kezef’s rage. He likes to pretend like they don’t exist, but that doesn’t fool anyone. When one of these Calabim uses their resonance, the damage hits everything within Celestial Forces feet of their target. They can double the radius by spending 2 essence.

Habbalah(restricted) – The Habbalah are Wrath’s most cherished choir. Rather than violate god’s ban on interference, they can get men to punish each other. When using their resonance to evoke rage, they can affect a number of people equal to their Celestial Forces (technically each should resist separately, but shortcuts are certainly acceptable). These Habbalah do not add their level of Angry to dissonance rolls but do add their level of Merciful.

Lilim(restricted) – Lilim who serve Kezef do so solely for the chance to pursuing their own vendetta against Adam and his sons. These demons may use their resonance to determine what will break a man.

Shedim(partially restricted) – These corrupters can instantly resonate with anyone who is enraged, the relevant roll is only required after their host calms down. In addition, while their host is angry they are considered to have a Role of 6.

Impudites – Kezef’s Takers are the sorts of “friends” who fuel’s people’s anger and stokes them into precipitous action. They may add their Corporeal Forces to their Fast Talk when speaking with someone who is angry.

Servitor Attunements

Art of Combat – Same as Baal (see In Nomine p163)

Polarize – Same as Malphas (see In Nomine p175)


Knight of Rage – When one of these demons takes Body Hits they gain +1 to attack TNs and damage CDs for the next minute (this is not a cumulative effect).

Captain of Ire – These demons can automatically resist any attempt to calm them and are permitted a Will roll if resistance is not normally allowed (e.g. they can ignore the Song of Harmony outright and may make a Will roll to resist the Song of Charm).

Baron of Revenge – The Knight of Rage effect now lasts 10 minutes and is cumulative.


Allied: Baal, Malphas
Associated: None
Neutral: Gabriel (Gabriel is Hostile to Kezef, but the two do sometimes work together)
Hostile: Asmodeus, Belial, Lilith


  • Do 12 hits of physical damage while angry
  • Fail a Will roll to suppress an Anger, Berserk, or Murderous Discord (or equivalent Habbalite resonance)


Kezef is currently imprisoned and cannot respond to any Invocations.

Af has a Basic Invocation chance of 0

+1 Assault
+2 Vandalism
+3 Murder
+1 of a group
+2 of a population
+1 in anger and retribution
-2 in neither anger nor retribution

Examples: A man beating his child for sass would be a 2, Kristallnacht would be a 5 or 6 (depending on whether or not someone was being killed in the scene).


It’s a Small World AFter All – After Kezef’s death, Lucifer quietly approached Af and elevated him to Prince. Unlike his predecessor, Af’s tends to simmer at a low heat. He is keeping the Armies of Wrath small while he looks for the traitors that betrayed Kezef, but once he finds them no power in Hell will be able to stop him from enacting his revenge.

Increase Af’s Base Invocation chance to 2.

Redeemed – Kezef never stopped thinking of himself as an angel. Though his methods and mind were twisted, the desire to serve heaven always remained at his core. Rather than a trap, Moses orchestrated an intervention, creating a tether that could keep Kezef free from the burning light of heaven while exposing him to enough of it’s influence for the Archangels to strip his corruption from him. The process diminished Kezef greatly and he is now little more than a Redeemer – but he is back where he belongs and that is enough. If Af ever discovers this fact, he will be livid and will stop at nothing to corrupt or destroy his old master.

Second Wrath – Loyal as Af was, he lacked the rage and ambition necessary to take on Wrath’s mantle. The angel Orifiel was another matter. So outraged was he at Uriel’s recall that he fell right into the Throne of Wrath and was recognized by the Dark Prince that very day. Unlike Kezef, whose Rages were wild and tempered with restraint Orifiel’s Wrath is unadultrated as only a protege of Purity can manage.

This is the variation I prefer, but because I haven’t made a full write up for Orifiel yet, I can understand why someone might chose to skip it.

Trapped Between Heaven and Earth – Rather than destroy Kezef outright, heaven has kept him trapped half way up the tether to heaven. This has effectively rendered the Demon Prince powerless while also keeping his Word out of Lucifer’s hand. On the other hand, should the remnants of Wrath manage to free him, it’s unlikely that he will ever look towards Heaven with sympathy ever again.