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Leviathan and BehemothThis world should have been mine!

Somewhere deep in the depths of the Mariana Trench once lived one of heaven’s greatest mistakes. Some call her a dragon, others a whale, but Leviathan was actually one of the Symphony’s oldest Nephilim. She lived her life as far from the activities of angels as she could, fearful of their power yet coveting it for herself; despising humans yet wishing she could share in the love and freedom lavished upon them.

Leviathan smirked with a smug satisfaction when the rebels Fell. She was curious when she was approached by Lilith, creation’s other great mother of monsters. She signed on board when Lucifer agreed to give her power that dwarfed that of most angels.

However, once she was invested with the Infernal Word of Envy, her yearning only grew. She desired personal completeness (her creation was abandoned after the angel who formed her learned what she was becoming), freedom of the land, a piece of heaven, a seat at the court of hell (where there is not much salt water to be found). There was not a single place that her green eyes did not turn.

Eventually she found solace in spreading her word to others. This led to a fruitful partnership with Lilith and Beleth, and some passing alliances with Mammon. However, her attempt to overpower Genubath backfired. Envious of Leviathan’s command of the seas, the Prince of Rapine slew her and claimed her territory for himself, ushering in an age of high piracy.

Design Philosophy

LeviathanLeviathan plays many roles in theology and popular culture, I have done my best to pay tribute to them all. Along with Behemoth, she was one of the first beings in creation. She is a demon of Envy. She is the hellmouth. She will consume the world at the end of days. She is gargantuan. She is a demon of the oceans. She is the collective subconscious.

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I originally wanted to craft Leviathan as the Nephilite Princess of the Deep. However, In Nomine has given that word to Tamiel, a Djinn of Beleth. Since this write up of Leviathan still has some nautical powers in addition to the Envy driven abilities, she may be a touch too strong.

Dissonance Condition

Most servitors of Leviathan have little-to-no innate sense of self-worth and try instead to claim it by taking away from others. They have a number of days equal to their Celestial Forces to find something new to claim, emulate, or destroy (just what they’re looking for depends on their Band).

Band Attunements

With the exception of Shedim, all Leviathan’s Servitors must purchase an aquatic or amphibian vessel. While in such vessels these demons do not generate disturbances unless they spend Essence or use Songs.

Balseraphs – (restricted) – The Liars of Envy can impose their personal symphony on others, giving them the Covetous disadvantage for a number of days equal to the demon’s Celestial Forces.

Leviathan’s Balseraphs envy recognition and accomplishment. If they cannot take credit for someone else’s work they will try to make it misfire in the worst way possible.

Djinn – (restricted) – Leviathan’s Stalkers keep very close track of the actions of their attuned. If the CD of a successful Perception based resonance roll is less than their Ethereal Forces, increase it until it is a match.

These Djinn covet the routines of others and seek to either take their place or throw their lives into chaos. Their dissonance is measured in weeks rather than days but they suffer twice the dissonance for failing.

Calabim – Leviathan’s Calabim can turn a person’s stomach with jealousy. By spending a point of Essence when they touch someone they can give their target Numinous Corpus: Acid for a number of minutes equal to the demon’s Corporeal Forces. The song’s level is determined by the strength of the subject’s envy (rarely more than 2 in mortals, but it can be pushed) and any unused charges will damage the person touched.

These demons envy the belongings of others, they’ll be sure to acquire knock offs while trying to steal or destroy the originals.

Habbalah – Anyone who encounters one of these Punishers will envy them.

The green eyed monster of these Habbalah is fixed firmly on romance. They will ruin any relationship they cannot inject themselves into.

Lilim – The Leviathan’s Tempters are best when it comes to keeping up with the Joneses. When they satisfy a Need, they gain a bonus equal to it’s level on their next resonance roll against an acquaintance of the person whose need was met. This is not a restricted ressonance, but most other demons are only aware of the needs they create.


GM’s you are strongly advised to limit Numinous Corpus to things of a nautical or amphibian nature: gills, tentacles, shark’s teeth, spitting ink, &c.

The Lilim of Envy are obsessed with appearances. Not only to they copy all the most stunning styles but they will do their best to humiliate or discredit those who came up with the fashion.

Shedim – These Corrupters share their mistress’ protean nature. They gain an additional 12 CP to be spent on the Songs of Entropy and Form. The Songs of Numinous Corpus may also be included at your GMs discretion.

Leviathan’s Corruptors envy talent. Since it is all but impossible to steal such a thing, they do their best to make the most skilled people they find loathe to use their abilities.

Impudites – Leviathan’s Takers exude an aura of egotism. Anyone within a number of yards equal to the demon’s Coproreal Forces is incapable of feeling Joy or Pride at another’s success.

These Impudites covet friendships. There isn’t a circle of friends they won’t try to ingratiate themselves with or ruin.

Servitor Attunements

Dream Walking – Same as Beleth’s attunement, but the sleeper must be dreaming about the sea, something they covet, or the demon using this attunement.

Hellmouth – This demon may spend one essence to create a celestial maw in their torso that behaves like a miniature tether capable of transporting one pattern of up to the demon’s Corporeal Forces to or from Hell.



Barons of the Deep can hide within underwater dreamscapes as well as real oceans.

Knight of the Sea – These demons can speak with all aquatic animal.

Captain of Fecundity – At this point, Leviathan’s demons gain the ability to have children with aquatic animals. They can also permanently surrender a Force to have a child with any other animal (including humans). Such children are always Nephilim.

Baron of the Deep – Like Leviathan herself, her barons can sink out of view. Once they sink to more than 3000 feet below sea level, such demons cannot be tracked by any method.


Allies: Beleth, Lilith
Associated: Magog, Malphas, Meserach, Vephar
Love/Hate: Mammon
Hostile: Haagenti, Mariel
Enemies: Genubath


  • Incite a human to commit a crime on account of envy
  • Drown a human with your bare hands
  • Swim for two hours uninterrupted


Leviathan cannot be invoked inland.

Base chance of invocation: 0

+0 on the coast
+1 on open water
+2 600′ beneath the sea
+3 1500′ beneath the see
+4 3000′ beneath the sea
+5 8000′ beneath the sea
+6 at the bottom of the Mariana Trench
+1 in the Ethereal Realm

Back from the Dead [Spoiler Warning]

Leviathan is supposed to be present at the Last Judgement, which might present something of a problem if she is dead. In Nomine presents one alternative in their Revelation cycle, using Jortmungandr and Magog instead of Leviathan, but there are some other possibilities.

Leviathan may just be hiding. She is good friends with Beleth and would almost certainly feel comfortable resting alongside the Demon of the Deep.

Or, perhaps more interesting, her mortal nature may open up another alternative. The Leviathan at the end of days may be this Leviathan’s child. If that’s the case, you could have a whole story around imbuing the child with the will of its mother.

And, of course, the Book of Revelations could just be wrong. Not everything is supposed to be taken literally. Especially not in a game designed to question religion.