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Lucefuge Rofocale, three horned demon with quill

Lucefuge Rofocale, unknown artist

The world belongs to the best of us.

According to Lucifuge, he is the Head of Hell’s Government – named by the Dark Prince himself in recognition of The Rofocale’s competence. None of the other Princes agree with that particular interpretation, though it does amuse Asmodeus does play along from time to time.

Lucifuge was something of an oddity in heaven. A coward who would do his best to hide from the high and mighty, especially such luminaries as Metatron, Yves, Michael, and Lucifer. If there was a way to dodge the limelight (and the responsibilities it entailed), Lucifuge would take it. It is not a strategy that served the Redeemer particularly well, and when the rebels fell he was kicked out right along with them for his refusal to take up arms.

Life in hell was much the same until Lucifuge realized that his new peers would respect his “experience” no matter how contrived, so long as he listed his qualifications with conviction. Over the course of centuries the demon built a new persona for himself, one that conveyed no doubt (and which destroyed all traces of the scared little thing he used to be).


It is generally assumed that Lucifuge is a Balseraph, but no one knows for certain.

When it was finally time for Lucifuge’s audience with the Morningstar, the one time Redeemer announced himself as the Prince of Pride. No one knows quite how Lucifer responded, but Lucifuge Rofocale walked out of that audience head intact and began expanding his holdings with greater speed and industry than he would have previously dared.

It’s only in the past couple of centuries that Lucifuge has begun referring to himself as the President of Hell. While most of the other demons consider this something of a joke, the princes seem to be willing to humor the Lord of Pride, at least until the Dark Prince cuts him down to raw forces.

Dissonance Condition

Lucifuge’s Servitors accumulate twice as much dissonance from violating their Band’s dissonance condition.

Band Attunements

Superbia, mosaic from the basilica of Notre Dame, ForeviereBalseraph – These Liars can bolster the self assurance of any one person for the day. The subject’s Will is increased by the demon’s Corporeal Forces but they cannot admit to any error or wrongdoing.

Djinn – Pride’s Stalkers live vicariously through their wards. They can only attune to one pattern, but they can replace any of its rolls with their own.

Calabim – Rather than destroy things themselves, these demons render existing flaws undetectable. The Destroyer can cause someone who failed with a CD equal to or less than the demon’s Celestial Forces to believe that they succeeded instead.

Habbalah – Even more than most demons the Habbalah of Pride look down on humanity. They have a special Rite allowing them to regain a point of Essence when they make someone lose their cool (usable once per day).

Lilim – (restricted) – The Lilim of Lucifuge have a soft spot for mortals who think they can beat the devil. These Tempters can wager Geases in tests of skill. If the demon wins the opposed roll they can impose a geas without needing to fulfill a need. Should the Lilim of Pride lose, she must fulfill her opponent’s need without collecting a geas and also suffers dissonance as if resisted.

Shedim – These demons have made contempt and snobbery into an artform. They can add their Status (or more accurately, the status of their host) to the TN of their Emote and Savoir Faire roles.

Impudites – (restricted) – Pride’s Takers are masters at ingratiating themselves. They can automatically Charm anyone who has succeeded with an Infernal Intervention or a CD of 6+ in the past hour.

Servitor Attunements

All is Vanity, C Allan Gilbert

All is Vanity, Charles Allan Gilbert

False Confidence – This demon is a master at turning defeats into victory. When bested in an opposed role, this demon may immediately invoke their resonance and add their opponent’s CD to the TN of the roll. False Confidence only works if the demon can currently use their resonance against their rival.

Vanity – One of Lucifuge’s favorite Attunements. By spending Essence equal to the target’s Celestial Forces the demon inflicts them with an appearance focused Obsessive-Compulsive Discord. The level of the discord is equal to the Ethereal Forces of the target, and the effect lasts for 6 hours (see Ritualized Responsibilities, Angelic Player’s Guide p32).


Knight of Vanity – They’re so vain, they probably think this song is about them. By spending 3 Essence the Knights of Vanity can make themselves the target of a Song.

Captain of Hubris – These demons becomes Wordbound to their own name (Word Force 1). They can increase their Ford Force through fame (or by spending CP). This is in addition to any other Words they are bound to.

Baron of Superiority – Lucifuge expects his Barons to be movers and shakers. They can temporarily boost the Status of their Vessel or Host to 6 for a number of hours equal to their Will and their permanent Status is no longer constrained by the level of their Role.


Allies: Lucifer (according to Lucifuge)
Associated: Asmodeus, Mammon, Kobal
Hostile: Belial, Fleurity, Furfur, Vapula, Malphas
(Malphas is Friendly to Lucifuge)
Enemies: Meserach
Love/Hate: Nybbas


  • Spending two hours to look better [Also +1 Charisma for the day]
  • Attending the after party for the winner of an election or award ceremony
  • Winning First Prize [2 Essence]

Lucefuge will show up at Pride Parades, but it’s not the type of pride he’s really interested in.


Base Chance of Invocation: 2

+1 a pocket vanity
+2 a trophy or medal
+3 high school rally
+4 pavilion of honor at a parade
+5 the corner office of a major company
+6 the Star-Spangled Banner of Fort McHenry

The Fate of Lucefuge Rofocale

RofocaleWhile Lucefuge could be fun to include in a campaign, I would also seriously consider leaving him as part of the deep background of the setting. A demon with the word of Pride will eventually try to claim the Throne of Hell for him-or-herself. That is one of the few things that Lucifer absolutely will not stand for.

Besides, Lucifer’s Rofocale skin luggage does look absolutely stunning. It’s travel gear of which anyone would be proud.