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Dukes & Generals

Sigil of Bael - GoetiaBaal’s Dukes are immensely powerful warlords. However, their authority is typically limited to their own feudal vassals. Duchies are claimed “organically” by anyone who seizes and holds a sufficiently large or critical piece of Gehenna’s landscape. This means Baal is one of the few Demon Princes to allow mortal souls to climb all the way to the top of his hierarchy (not that any have, Christopher Rudd is not part of the In Nomine universe). It also means that most of his Dukes will avoid personally joining assaults on the Corporeal plane unless there is the promise of a tether. They will, of course, be more than willing to order Knights, Barons, and Marquis to go in their stead.

On the other hand, Duke Generals are hand picked by Baal to fulfill specific command and administrative duties. Their authority can extend to demons who serve other lords, and they are given greater freedom in how they go about reclaiming their lands should someone be fool enough to claim them while the general is on assignment. Most Duke Generals are selected from among Baal’s Wordbound Dukes, but he has been known to elevate other demons to these positions on the basis of skill.

Expectations of a Duke General

Because Baal refuses to face any Archangel other than Michael, he does his best to ensure that his Duke Generals are all competent enough to hold their own against such a foe. Setting his goals this high has the added benefit of ensuring that his Duke Generals could take on Demon Princes in the event of another civil war.

  • Field Generals typically focus on the tactical and psychological expertise that would allow them to defeat a Superior
  • Administrative Generals are picked both for their ability to keep Hell’s war machine going and their competence to fill in for another Superior in the case that martial law is declared.

Ideally a Duke General could fulfill either duty, and Baal has been known to reshuffle the duties of his senior staff in order to ensure cross competence.

Command Titles

All dukes have a Ducal title which corresponds to their Infernal liege-lands. Duke Generals also have a Command title that reflects their role in managing The War.

Duke General of Personnel
This demon tracks the disposition of The War’s units (active, on leave, in limbo, &c) and ensures that Baal will have enough demons to meet his command objectives.

Duke General of Intelligence
This General gathers information on Heavenly (and Ethereal) military assets and readiness. While there is some cloak and dagger, it is intentionally kept to a minimum so that Alaemon & Asmodeus will have a harder time suborning the division. Instead, The War’s intelligence tends to focus on analyzing observed capability through intensive debriefing of demons who have faced the enemy.

Duke General of Logistics
The General of Logistics is responsible for lines of transit and communication, including the channels of essence from Hell to The War’s servitors on Earth. If anyone outside of Nybbas could keep Perdition running, it would be the Duke General of Logistics.

Duke General of the Mast
The Duke General of the Mast is in charge of Baal’s MPs, JAGs, and Tribunals. When circumstances allow, major charges will come before a full Court Martial (or Dukes’ Court). However, if Asmodeus might have an interest in influencing the outcome, the Duke General of the Mast is perfectly comfortable approving administrative punishment instead.

Duke General of PsyOps
The Duke General of PsyOps is responsible for understanding the influence of Media and the Marches, and how to employ those influences to further the goals of The War. This division tends to play a key role in combating Wordbound and undermining heavenly control of tethers.

Duke General of Research
The division of research focuses on advancing military technology and tactics and adopting such advances from Corporeal sources into Hell’s arsenal. The Duke General is an especially competent Calabite who is quite vocally bitter about having been barred from Vapula’s service (though at this point he wouldn’t take such an appointment even if it were offered).

Duke General of Strategic Analysis
This is the demon responsible for all Baal’s “strategic modeling.” This means he orchestrates much of what goes on in the fields of Gehenna and he arranges the occasional illicit march into the Ethereal Realm so that The War’s army can use earth-like dreamscapes to better prepare for engagements in the Corporeal Realm. Most of Baal’s Dukes assume that the General of Strategic Analysis is The War’s #2, since he’s the one who bosses them around the most.

Duke General of Vice
Everyone’s favorite Duke General. Rather that allowing vice and corruption undermine army discipline, Baal concentrated it all in one place and gave it a very special duty. The division of vice is responsible for all “special rewards” (from leaves of absence, to visits from well known Lusties, “under the table” opportunities to torture captive angels).

In addition to this list, there should probably be 3-5 “Field Generals” who oversee the active and reserve armies of hell. These could either be divided on the basis of theater or branches of the infernal military, depending on what fits your game better.

Ducal Titles

Baal is something of a traditionalist. Most of his duchies are named geographic locations (typically a powerful tether to Earth) or notable events in The War with heaven. Others are known for particularly bloody campaigns on earth or “grave” landmarks.


Remember, all Baal’s Dukes have a Ducal Title, even his Duke Generals.

Many of the Dukes in the tethered domains played a personal role in its formation, but whether they were personally involved or not, a Duke will move to claim any tether (and it’s associated war dead) found within their demesne. Typically they succeed, but sometimes an upstart will be able to lay claim to the tether and hold it long enough to justify their own elevation to one of Baal’s senior distinctions.

Tethered Duchies

Hinnom (see below)
Picket’s Charge

Landmarked Duchies

The Barrows
Avvio Hills
God’s Acre
Hangman’s Forest

Historic Duchies

Interpunct (death of Metatron)
Autumn (fall of Lucifer’s Army)
Radiant Point (fall of Lucifer’s Army)
All Flesh (corruption of the Grigori)
Torrent (destruction of the Grigori)
Titines (discovery of Kronos)
Castra (Raphael & Legion’s death)

Earthly Campaigns



There is a very old connection between Gehenna and the Valley of Hinnom. Baal will only allow one of his most trusted Dukes to hold the tether. Should someone else claim it, Baal will personally see to their expulsion, and then the demotion of whatever demon was unfortunate enough to lose the tether in the first place.

Interpunct, Autumn, & Radiant Point

These are three of the oldest Duchies in Gehenna. Before the first tethers to the Corporeal Realm were discovered, they were the heart of Baal’s realm. They now hold less strategic importance to The War than Hinnom, but they are still very symbolically important in hell. A Duke who manages to capture one of these three Duchies will be treated with caution and respect by all of hell’s gentry. Most demons old enough to make Duke remember exactly how effective Baal was during the civil war.

A Final Note

Constant war means that territory frequently changes hands in Gehenna. You are more than welcome to add, remove, or merge duchies. But if you wouldn’t mind sharing which you are keeping and which are being discharged, I’d love to hear your thoughts.