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It is worth noting that in the official version of In Nomine, Kobal was never an Archangel. Although he was a close confidant of god, Kobal was only promoted to Superior after he fell.

However, Dominic was only promoted to Archangel after the rebellion. If you’re having Kobal remain loyal to heaven, it’s entirely possible that he was promoted at the same time.

Alternately, you could use this “Bright Kobal,” to reflect a Redeemed Prince of Dark Humor. I’m not usually a fan of Demon Princes keeping their power when they throw themselves upon the mercy of the light, but if Kobal went through a period of transition where he was using Dark Humor to further heavenly goals before he redeemed, it’s entirely possible that heaven would let him in with his domain essentially intact.

Dissonance Condition

It is dissonant for a servitor of Bright Kobal to go a single day without improving someone’s day by means of laughter.

Choir Attunements

Seraphs – Bright Kobal’s Seraphim gain Essence when they use humor to teach someone a truth.

Cherubim – Cherubim serving Bright Kobal regenerate Essence by using humor to make light of an event that would otherwise embarrass someone they are attuned to (this will also satisfy their dissonance condition).

Ofanim – Ofanim of Laughter regain Essence when they arrive at a particularly funny moment (for example, into the path of a flying pillow or pastry).


Malakim of Laughter will always take one or more vows to help keep Kobal Bright.

Elohim – Bright Kobal’s Elohim regain essence when they use laughter to help someone cope with their emotions (this will also satisfy their dissonance condition).

Malakim – Malakim who work for Bright Kobal get a point of essence when they publicly humiliate a demon.

Kyriotates – (restricted) – These Kyriotates try to instill a sense of wonder in nature. They gain Essence when the antics of their inhuman hosts make someone laugh.

Mercurians – Kobal’s Mercurians regain Essence by using comedy to change social policies.

Bright Lilim – Bright Lilim serving Kobal do not require a resonance roll to know if someone needs to laugh. They gain a point of essence rather than a Geas hook for fulfilling that need.

Servitor Attunements

Rapier Wit – While this player is engaging in clever banter (roleplay required), their character may add their Fast Talk skill to either their Small Weapon or their Dodge TNs.


Vassal of Laughter – An angel of this rank can make any human within earshot shrug off the importance of an event (same mechanics as Captain of Repartee, In Nomine p171).

Friend of Mirth – At this point Kobal’s angels can create an aura of good humor, allowing everyone within Corporeal Force yards to use the Angel’s Will instead of their own when resisting the imposition of negative emotions.

Master of Humor – These angels can tell what kind of humor would affect a target (same mechanics as Baron of Hysteria, In Nomine p171).


  • Make a newborn laugh
  • Attend an event where at least 30 people are laughing without any malice
  • Perpetuate a non-harmful running gag


Allies: Eli
Associated: Blandine, Gabriel, Yves
Hostile: Dominic, Janus
Enemy: Lawrence


As Demon Prince Kobal, but without the “cruel” or “malicious” qualifiers.

Aftermath: The Demon Prince of Irony

Irony Mark (Reversed Question Mark)Out of Kobal’s Inner Circle, the Demon of Irony is the only one that I cannot see serving heaven in any way. I therefore think it would be particularly apropos if Kobal sought redemption at Irony’s urging in an attempt to save his favorite minion, only to discover at the last moment that the whole thing had been part of Irony’s plan to finally have a shot at getting promoted to Demon Prince.