So I’ve come to the realization that I have a strong tendency to write about Infernal topics. So far I’ve been writing roughly three posts in the Hell category for every two I write for Heaven.

I can think of a few reasons why this might be. But it doesn’t change the fact that In Nomine is a game that’s supposed to be about both angels and demons, so I’m going to spend this month giving a little extra attention to Heaven.

On Tuesday I offered up some suggestions on how to introduce an Angelic Kobal, and I plan to put forth some posts on Jordi and Cassiel before the month is out.

I still need a good Angelic answer to the Duchies of Hell posts, but I’ve got a few ideas on that score as well. Do not be surprised if a couple of potentially recurring features show up during the month while I try out some new things.

Of course, just because I’m writing about heaven doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be happiness and light. While I will be trying to think of some ways to make a trip to the final reward and actual reward, conflict is also necessary or there would be no impetus for a story, interactive or otherwise.

I look forward to seeing you again throughout the month

– Träumermärchen