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Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday in the United States, the history of the Wampanoag tribe and the Pilgrims was not one of his chief concerns. Boosting the morale of the Union Army was. In fact, modern Thanksgiving has much more in common with the traditions of 1863 than with those of 1620. The focus should be on unity and on giving thanks, not on the meeting between religious exiles from England and the charity of a native tribe that had already been ravaged by European diseases.

Of course, Maodea has been the Angel of Thanks for far longer than that. She was formed by Novalis some five millennia ago, earned her word three millennia ago, and changed service to Lawrence once he was elevated to being an Archangel in his own right. While Maodea is not overly enamored with martial pomp, she is fiercely loyal to Curtis (Angel of Courtesy) and knows that she plays a vital role in restoring the morale of anyone fighting on behalf of heaven whether they take up arms or not.

The Angel of Thanks is often present at festivals, not just Thanksgiving.

Maodea, Angel of Giving Thanks

Ofanite of Lawrence under Curtis

Corporeal Forces: 3 (Str 4, Agi 8)
Ethereal Forces: 4 (Int 8, Pre 8)
Celestial Forces: 4 (Will 6, Per 10)
Word Forces: 12

Role: 2/2 (Visiting Student)
Vessel: 2, Charisma 1

Skills: Detect Lies/4, Emote/3, Fast-Talk/1, Knowledge: History/3, Music: Horns/2, Savoir-Faire/4, Languages (one “native” several at /2)

Songs: Harmony (all)/3, Healing (all)/2, Numinous Corpus (wings)/2, Tongues (corporeal)/2

Attunements: Ofanim of Lawrence, Ofanim of Novalis
Distinctions: Vassal of The Sword, Vassal of Flowers

Special Rite

  • Join a family in giving thanks to god