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Sigil of Beleth - GoetiaAside from the Dukes of the Horn and Ivory Gates, Beleth only invests Dukes who are either Wordbound to dreads that are endemic to humanity or fears that have reshaped the world. No one with less than 15 Word Forces need apply.

Unlike the other Demon Princes I’ve discussed thus far, Beleth’s duchies are tied to the words of the demons who hold them. Given how long the Words associated with the Court of Nightmares are I’ve done my best to at least keep the Ducal titles short. This means that there’s a preponderance of “-phobia” based duchies.

The Powers of a Nightmare Duke

Beleth doesn’t need to grant her Dukes any more power. With their ready access to the Marches, most can command the force of an Archduke even without such formal recognition. However, there is an ability she extends to them anyway.

Whenever a name or title is used in reference to one of these dukes (even a disparaging one), it will call to mind the fear over which the Duke has dominion. This has no mechanical effect unless someone has a corresponding phobia, but it does allow these demons to be accurately referenced without needing to resort to their full (and rather lengthy) titles.


Dukes & Wardens
Beleth’s Dukes like to consider themselves equal to the Wardens of the Four Quarters, but they know better than to try confronting such puissant angels on one-to-one.

Beleth’s Duchies

Archduke of Essential Dread, Demon of the Nightmares of Lost Virility

Beleth’s first Archduke is something of an anomaly. Even without a word his power bordered on that of an Archduke and his grant was actually meant as a way to constrain his ambition. The strategem succeeded, but only just. His influence on earth is far greater than what either Beleth or Lucifer anticipated. Further details can be found in Celestial PRIDE.

Archduke of Thanatophobia, Demon of the Nightmares of Non-Existence

Lord Thanatophobia commands the nightmares of death and dying especially the terrifying realization that death is the end. Since revealing the existence of Heaven and Hell significantly undermines the power of his Word, he also acts as the head of Beleth’s internal police (and had led more than a few campaigns against particularly obvious demons who were not Terrors).

Duke of the Horn Gate, Seneschal of Beleth’s Tower,
Keeper of the True Nightmare that is Hell

The Duke of the Horn Gate is the guardian of Beleth’s Tower and Azariah’s opposite number. He is responsible for keeping undesirables from entering hell through its Ethereal tether, though occasionally he can be convinced to allow a mortal a glimpse of the true horrors (or pleasures) that await them upon their death.

Duke of the Ivory Gate, Demon of the False Nightmares of Hell

The Duke of the Ivory Gate is a close compatriot of the Duke of the Horn Gate. He is master of a massive ethereal domain which can only be accessed via ‘back routes into hell.’ His job is to trick potential vistors and invaders into a hell that matches their own worst nightmares of the infernal realm rather than its reality. By special decree of Princess Beleth, this duke is also allowed to introduce himself as the Duke of the Horn Gate.

Duke of Atelophobia, Demon of the Nightmares of Failure [canon]

This demon’s domain encompasses nightmares of inadequacy and nightmares about consequences, as well as the fear of failure itself. She coordinates heavily with the servitors Nybbas (and with Meserach before him) in order to ensure that nothing gets done. Perversely, she is also quite apt motivating people to succeed, no mater the cost. Lilim delight in visiting people after she has visited their dreams.

Duke and Demon of Atomic Fears [canon]

The Duke of Atomic Fears is the newest addition to Beleth’s council of Dukes. Because of his rank, he holds dominion over all forms of Radiophobia (much to the chagrin of the Demon of Nightmares About The Light, who has spent millenia unsuccessfully trying to capitalize on heaven’s fear of Lucifer’s old Word). For the time being Atomic Fears is still concentrating on directly advancing his own Word, and not with empire building, but eventually the antics of his “subordinates” will pull him into Ethereal and Celestial politics.

Duke of Elenchomeniphobia, Demon of the Nightmares of Being Restrained or Controlled

Fear of manipulation, paralysis, entrapment, and being overpowered by circumstances beyond one’s control are all the demesne of the Duke of Elenchomeniphobia. This makes him the best political strategist in Beleth’s senior circle since all the Demon Princes fear being bound by the rules of heaven. The duke knows better than to try using this fear to manipulate them directly, but it means that he has a peculiar insight into the thoughts and motives of the Demon Princes that few could match.

Duc de la Grande Peur (Duke of the Grand Fear),
Demon of Famine Nightmares

La Grande Peur is a very old demon. He was elevated to Duke during the French Revolution (and is fully aware of the irony in that), but he first received his Word back when granaries were the economy. His dominion covers not only fears of hunger, but also fears of economic instability, financial inequity, and political revolution. For a long time he used the Demoness of the Red Scare as his proxy, but lately he’s been taking a more active role in managing his affairs on earth.

Duke of Monophobia, Demon of the Nightmares of Isolation

This duke’s domain includes fears of both physical and social isolation which makes him a master at pushing others into complicity and group-think. For just this reason he tends to work closely with Malphas even though he has no leverage over that particular Prince. Perversely, he is also a master of social anxiety though he has to share those demons with the Duke of Atelophobia.

Duke of Traumatophobia, Demon of the Nightmares of Mutilation

This demon holds dominion over the fear of pain, dismemberment, scarification, and other types of physical harm. He often joins the Servitors of Baal and Belial, burning the images of war and natural disasters into the subconscious of their victims. He has been quietly working on the Abilism project for some time, and is rather disappointed that it has come to light.


Beleth has banned the hunting of gods from allied pantheons.

The Nightmare Hunt

The Dukes of Nightmares enjoy the Formal Hunt more than those of any other court except perhaps that of Asmodeus. The game will change from night to night. Sometimes it is dreamers, sometimes it is unaligned etherials, but Blandine’s Wardens are always the favorite and most dangerous of prey.

A demon who has done well in the service of Beleth may well receive an invitation to one of these hunts as a reward. This is especially true of those Servitors who have already earned a Distinction, but are not yet worthy of a second.