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In 2013 I postulated that the Malakim of the In Nomine universe could join the armies of hell. They would not fall, the choir is still resistant to that particular fate. However, should a Malakite decide that heaven is the true evil, they would have no choice but to abandon it. The only real challenge would be finding a new Superior willing to craft a heart so that they could still act on earth.

The seven deadly sins would hold a particular appeal to the Dark Virtues, seeing as their Words run directly counter to the false morality of heaven (or at least what the apostate angel would see as heaven’s false morality). Similarly, each of the lords of sin sees a kind of virtue within their own domain, and so would be more likely to accept one of the Dark Malakim than their peers.

The Virtues of Lust: Devotion & Sensuality

7-LustAndrealphus is rumored to have already chained some dark winged angels to his service and given them as a gift to one of his ethereal lovers. Perhaps it was even one of the ethereal domains that Jacqueline Carey visited in her sleep.

Common Vow

Anything that binds the angel in perpetual willing submission to Andrealphus (mandatory).


Keen Senses – Add Corporeal Forces to mundane Perception TNs (but subtract it from the number of Body Hits required to stun the Malakite).

The Virtue of Gluttony: Excess Reserves

7-GluttonyGluttony is probably one of the less appealing sins to a Malakite. However, if a Virtue does present itself to this prince he will most likely find some duties for the blackwing to perform.

Common Vow

Feed myself to Haagenti if I betray him (or equivalent – mandatory). Reward good behavior with food. Never pass up the opportunity for a free meal.


Gorged – This Malakite can hold a number of extra points of Essence equal to their Corporeal Forces. Each extra point of essence stored this way reduces the demon’s Dexterity by 1, same as if the demon had the Obese discord.

The Virtues of Greed: Efficiency & Self-Reliance

7-GreedMammon is a great proponent of “unfettered” capitalism. He preaches the gospel of Supply Side Jesus, and measures success in GDP and Market returns.

Common Vows

Help only those who have proven they can help themselves. Contest any barriers to efficient management/production. Never work without compensation.

Rather than impose a vow of loyalty, Mammon would be far more likely to ensure that the Dark Virtue possesses the Greed Discord.


Fiduciary eye – the Malakite can tell at a glance if someone if someone is intentionally violating a fiduciary trust. When they use their resonance they can also determine whether or not someone has done all that they can to maximize personal and/or stockholder profits.

The Virtues of Sloth: Non-Interference

7-SlothMeserach never could be bothered to track down virtues. On the other hand, he probably wouldn’t have needed to. Sloth would be a likely destination of any Malakite who “just want’s a break” after parting from heaven.

Common Vows

Act only when everyone’s morals are in accord. Never allow someone to impose their moral code on another who disagrees.


Ennui – with a touch the Malakite may impose the Emptiness emotional state.

Virtues of Wrath: Strength

7-AngerWhile neither Kezef nor Oriphiel will make any particular attempt to corrupt the Malakim, both will actively attempt to recruit any of the apostate Virtues. Kezef wants them because he truly cannot comprehend that they’ve abandoned heaven and believes that they share his desire to fight their way back in. Orifiel also sees the Dark Malakim as kindred spirits; the impossible fallen of Uriel. Unlike his predecessor, he knows that they’ve abandoned heaven and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Common Vows

Give no quarter to those who feign virtue. Never forgive an angel of heaven.

Neither Prince of Wrath sees any particular need to impose a specific oath of loyalty, as the universal vow to suffer no evil to live will typically serve their purpose.


Judgmental Resilience – after using their resonance on someone this Malakite may resist a number of Hits from them equal to the resonance CD. This may be stacked with the effects of a dodge unless the celestial is resonating in the round they are being attacked.

Virtues of Envy: Ambition

7-EnvyLeviathan has no love for the Virtues. However, heaven has them, so Envy wants them. More specifically, Envy wants the best (and doesn’t want anyone else to have them), so expect her to go recruiting even among the unfallen. Those who don’t meet her exacting standards will be destroyed outright rather than letting one of the other Princes get a chance at them.

Common Vows

Never take that which is Envy’s (mandatory). Never allow an agent of heaven to keep what the servants of hell do not have.


Eye on the Jonses – When this celestial loses a contested roll after beating the base TN, they may learn the skill and attribute level of the victor.

Virtues of Pride: Confidence

7-PrideMost Princes will carefully weigh the risks of taking on one of the Dark Virtues. Not so Lucifuge. The Demon Prince of Pride considers the services of the Seventh Choir to be his just due and will gladly accept one who approaches him.

Common Vows

Never change your position -or- Never go back on your word (one of these two is required). Ensure your contribution to any endeavor is well marked.


Profane Conceit – once per day/session (GM discretion) this demon may re-roll any number of dice from a single d666 roll (unless an intervention has already been established).