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ksbd7recThrone is the core of the Kill Six Billion Demons multiverse. It is a sin riddled, post-apocalyptic meta-heaven built upon the ruined remains of old gods and illustrated by Abbadon (no, not that one). Abbadon’s style is a delightful mix of Peter Chung, Jean Giraud (Mœbius), and Hayao Miyazaki. And that’s all I’m going to say about it until I get around to a review.

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Onigami Paper

ksbd60Onigami paper is a piece of the original demiurgic matter that has been twisted, pulped, strained, pressed, and cut into fine sheets of symphonically conductive sheet. The process is so torturous that anything which would destroy a sheet of rice paper could also rend onigami paper useless. Activating a sheet of onigami paper requires an Artisan (Origami) skill roll and grants the user the ability to sing their next song as if they were a Virtuoso.

Each sheet of onigami paper is used up after a single song, though it is rumored that some particularly old and clever demons have managed to compile whole books of the stuff.

Activation: Ethereal Forces/Artisan (Origami)
Cost: 8cp/sheet

Coat of Arms

won36This demonskin coat is basically a relic containing the song Numinus Corpus: Arms. Donning and activating the coat grants the wearer a number of additional arms equal to its level. This is mostly useful as a way to hold additional items at once, but it also has some combat aplication (see Liber Canticorum pg 43 for full rules).

Activation: Corporeal Forces/Level
Cost: 3cp/level

Demon Spirits

won25Hard liquor distilled from the fermented Ethereal Force of a demon (usually a demon of Haagenti, but others have definitely been known). Aside from all the normal impacts of alcohol, it grants one skill possessed by the original demon, most commonly the ability to speak and understand demontongue. Each bottle has 6 good slugs in it. Spilling the liquor or breaking the bottle typically renders the alcohol unsuable.

If you’re looking to emulate Demon Spirits from the Omniverse of Throne, then the brew should also be a mild celestial toxin. Once someone has imbibed enough to lose a force, they will regurgitate a small Imp or Gremlin. Devouring the demonling will restore the lost force and grant a single rank of the relevant skill.

No Activation
Cost: 2cp/3 levels