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Benign-Neglect-TrowsI’ve decided to add a new “voice” to this blog: the Angel of Benign Neglect.

For those of you constantly seeking more NPCs with which to populate your game world – I envision Benign Neglect as one of the Wordbound Cherubim of Yves.

Like the art? Thank Trows for the fantastic piece!

There are three times when Benign Neglect might appear:

  1. When I want the notes on a page to have a heavenly bent.
  2. When heaven’s non-interventionists would have something to say about a scenario.
  3. When I want to give voice against implementing one of the rule or setting changes I propose.

If this experiment goes well, I hope to add in a few other voices.

The in-character commentary sidebar that runs throughout the Paranoia rulebooks is one of my favorite elements of those manuals.