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KrampusThe first Christmas adventure any In Nomine player should know about is the one that Steve Jackson published themselves. A Very Nybbas Christmas will remain relevant so long as we continue to discuss “the war on Christmas.” Considering the durability of that particular debate, the adventure will likely remain usable for a very long time.

By way of contrast – the suggestions that follow will likely have a very limited shelf life (or at least I hope they will). I have offered up a scenario for Hell and one for Heaven, though with a little bit of creativity each could be used in a campaign dominated by the other.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Krampus is a middling-powerful Etherial spirit who did hell a solid back in the 30s. Now his credit is up and Malphus wants to see if the spirit can work his magic in America.

Because Krampus is a nightmare, Malphus must work through Beleth. The pair have enlisted the aid of Nybbas in migrating the spirit from the Austro-Bulgarian gestalt to the popular imagination of the United States.

If the film Krampus is a hit, both the other princes will owe Nybbas a favor. This is the extent of his involvement at the moment. He’s really more interested in the Star Wars fervor right now.

Beleth is, of course, more interested in inspiring nightmares. She will accept nightmares of punishment for wicked deeds – but Krampus previously demonstrated that he was capable of inspiring fears that “outsiders among us” might steal christian babies, and that’s what she’s really hoping will happen again.

Malphas is likewise interested in the later fear. If Krampus catches on in the USA he’s going to start pushing the narrative that Daesh (and by extension the whole of Islam) is trying to kidnap/brainwash “Good American Kids.”

These are the demonic objectives, and PCs on the side of hell could be called upon to assist at any stage (and or to keep Krampus in line – he may be serving hell willingly in this scenario, but he’s still and Ethereal with his own objectives). Heavenly PCs are only likely to get involved once the plan is already in action, most likely because a servitor of Blandine needs help tracking down a particularly troublesome nightmare – but if Malphas gets his plan underway, David is likely to recognize the strategy.

Las Posadas

Siddiqah is pregnant. She and her husband Yusuf have fled from Syria and are now taking a pilgrimage by land and sea to reach the United States where they hope to seek asylum. Unbeknownst to the couple their unborn child has already been marked with a great destiny.

Their journey will take them through war zones, require them to bribe guards and transportation authorities, sleep in all manner of adverse conditions, and cross an ever increasingly fortified border only to find themselves in a hostile an unsympathetic land that for bureaucratic reasons will not even meet with the couple in order to start the process that will grant them a legal presence in the country.

With no legal identity and their resources already depleted to nothing, even finding a home to stay in will be beyond their means. And even if they should find a home before Siddiqah’s pregnancy comes to term, they may not be able to secure copies of the paperwork that will prove their child an American Citizen.

In a small and mobile game, the PCs may be required to discretely track and support the couple (this is especially likely if they are servitors of Gabriel or Yves). In a larger or more stationary game the players may be approached by Cherub of Gabriel who has been warding the couple and their unborn child and needs their help to ease the pair’s way.

For a particularly dark game, all of the above may be true – but the Cherub of Gabriel has also become unbalanced by all the indignities that his charges have been forced to endure and has on his own initiative decided to take vengeance upon everyone who has slighted his charges.