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Hozuki no Reitetsu (or Hozuki’s Coolheadedness) is a Manga and Anime by Natsumi Eguchi. Both are heavily episodic and revolve around the adventures of Hozuki the Ogre, chief aide to Demon King Enma (lord of the Buddhist underworlds).

As the title implies, Hozuki usually succeeds through a mix of cool, cunning, and level-headedness – though a certain threat of eminent violence is also present.  In spite of this, the series is a comedy. Generally speaking, the ogre is the only character to show a lick of common sense, though he will praise it in others when he sees it.

How Does This Relate to In Nomine

There are any number of ways to inform your game using this series. The most obvious is to incorporate its version of the Buddhist hells verbatim. I’d probably avoid this unless your heaven and hell also serve as bastions of comedic relief, but it is an option.

Alternately, you could keep the character of Hozuki while removing the series’ frivolity. Even if he is not a Superior, having an 18F ogre with maxed out Affinities and an enviable array of skills would be nothing to laugh at.

For those who don’t know, Hozuki is also the name of the Japanese Lantern, which features prominently in the Bon Festival as a way to guide the souls of the dead.

Another option is to leave the Naraka out of your game, but model your Soldekai after Hozuki. Like the series’ protagonist, Soldekai is a singularly staid and stabilizing force surrounded by chaotic and hot-headed powers that fancy themselves judges of the damned. (Of course, for this approach to work, Gabriel would need to be just about as hopeless as Enma-O).

Finally, you could incorporate the show as a TV show? Within In Nomine canon the August Prosperity Collective (an alliance of Japanese Kami) has been known to strike deals with Nybbas in order to inject their images into popular culture.

Is it any Good?

Different people look for different things in Anime, but I personally love this series. There is a good mix of zaniness and acerbic wit, and it is a welcome break from all the giant mechs and super powered high-school students.

You can watch the series now in its entirety on Crunchyroll.