bifronsThank you for making it to the end of a year with me. I’m quite excited I made it here myself. I resumed writing for Liber Neglecta in April as a way to ensure that I spent at least some time each week writing. From then until now there have been regular posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays without break, and a number of bonus posts besides.

While some of my early inertia is gone (having a new job can do that), I have in no way exhausted the breadth of topics that I wanted to explore.

A Snapshot of Liber Neglecta in 2015

What Happened in “Heaven”

What Happened in “Hell”

Where our Visitors Went Next

What to Expect in 2016

I have been toying with changing the subject matter of my writing to topics that better fit one of my other blogs. If that happens, I will likely modify my posting schedule for Liber Neglecta to make my obligations less burdensome. However, for the time being the future of this blog is secure.

In the mean time, I am on track to make January a month of Janus. I am not quite as prepared as I would like, but it is a project I’ve been fiddling with on and off for several years, so I should have enough content.

After that, it will be back to business as usual, at least for a time. Courts for the Princes of Hell, Playlists for the Archangels, roughly a review a month, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Want to Contribute?

I have no specific plans to introduce guest writers, but I would be more than willing to entertain such requests. While posts on In Nomine are, of course, the most relevant – media reviews, game reviews, game design commentary, religion(s) in RPGs, probability in games, diversity in games & gaming culture, and travelogues of the fantastic (aka gaming notes) are all also things I would consider.

In Nomine may have started as a writing exercise for me, but that doesn’t mean that it should remain cut off from other voices.