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Janus can be dangerously unpredictable, even for his own servitors. Most of the time life in his service is clear skies. His punishments are light, his manner genial, and his servitors skilled at getting away with almost anything.

Even so the Winds need to stay on their toes. Janus is known for some truly tempestuous mood swings. At those times he’ll strike out violently at any disturbance, even minor ones. There is some concern that he may be on the verge of a Fall, though his own servitors are loathe to believe it. Instead they do their best to keep mum and clean up their own messes.

No reason to make the big man worry.

Choir Attunements

Standard Choir Attunements on In Nomine pg 120.

Grigori – Sometimes even the wind has a slow day. Janus’s Watchers had the same attunement as his Elohim.

Bright Lilim – As always, Janus is a bright mirror of Valefor. His Bright Lilim would have the same Attunement as Valefor’s Dark Lilim (In Nomine pg 181).

OhrThe Ohr are a non-canon choir – The Light of Janus do not gain dissonance for staying in one place.

Servitor Attunements

Standard Servitor Attunements on In Nomine pg 120.

Janus has the same expanded list of Servitor Attunements as Valefor, see Superiors IV pg 72.

Common Malakite Oaths

Janus prefers for his Malakim to embody the most destructive aspects of his Word. As a result, many have taken vows that make them even more excessive than their brethren.

    • Never be swayed or deterred by property laws
    • Seek out and confound all Demons of Greed (and previously, Sloth)
    • Breach “impenetrable” security on a weekly basis
    • Never be held captive
    • Leave no pillar standing when destroying a place of evil
    • Faithfully deliver any honorable message
    • Always listen in
    • Liberate an artifact from the clutches of Hell every week
    • Never take the same route twice
    • Never possess more than can be carried in a single backpack
    • Take a memento from every place you’ve been
    • Never snitch
    • Always help those on the run from the law
    • Never gamble without being able to cover the debt
    • Never break an angel’s cover

Additional Rites

Janus has the same Additional Rites as Valefor, see Superiors IV pg 73.