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Special Distinctions

Outside the standard Vassal/Friend/Master hierarchy, Janus recognizes a pair of special distinctions. This distinction can be given to any of Janus’ angels, and acts like a “half-step” between the more standard distinctions. An Intercardinal Vassal or Vassal Ranger is afforded slightly more respect than an ordinary Vassal, but still well less than a Friend. Non-magpies pay very little attention to the Intercardinal distinction.


Any angel who has impressed two or more of Janus’ Seven Cardinals (see Higher Distinction) may be given the Intercardinal distinction. These Servitors may attempt to invoke either of their sponsoring Cardinals (Chance of Invocation: 3, same modifiers as Janus)

Elephanta, the strong southeasterly wind of India, is an Intercardinal who can invoke either the Southerly Cardinal or the Easterly Cardinal of Wind.


Janus does not like tying his Servitors down to immobile tethers, but he can’t afford to neglect his corporeal tethers either. His solution is the Rangers. A Ranger is Attuned to every tether of Janus that they have not visited in the past three months (Liber Castellorum pg 20).

Rangers often take roles that let them travel the world so that they can constantly move from one tether to another.

Higher Distinctions

Janus grants higher distinctions to those angels who prove to be major (and continuing) forces of change throughout the Symphony. Almost all of them are word-bound. In something of a mockery of Lawrence, the greater angels of Wind are known as Bishops and Archbishops.

However, the senior Dons of Janus’ band of thieves and troublemakers are the Seven Cardinals of Wind. These are typically Janus’ most trusted Servitors (though not always his most powerful). Each cardinal’s title is based on where their winds originate.

  • The Northerly Cardinal attends north to south currents
  • The Easterly Cardinal attends east to west currents
  • The Southerly Cardinal attends south to north currents
  • The Westerly Cardinal attends west to east currents
  • The Heavenly Cardinal attends downdrafts, outcasts, and expulsion from heaven.
  • The Infernal Cardinal attends updrafts, renegades, redemption, and the return to heaven.
  • The Ethereal Cardinal attends to the subtle and unpredictable winds of the Marches and has been known to blow every way imaginable.

The Seven Cardinals run much of Janus’ day to day operations – and can probably keep the whole of the Symphony in a state of dynamic disarray even without the help of their powerful patron.

Whispers on the Wind

There are songs known to only a few Superiors and their trusted Servitors… and Janus, who has a way of hearing a little of everything. He is known to teach the following songs (from Liber Canticorum): Battle (pg 63), Concealment (pg 64), Correspondence (pg 65), Disjunction (pg 68), and War (pg 78). Janus may have access to Secret Songs held by other Archangels (he did help discover the Songs of Water), and perhaps even some known by the Demon Princes.