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Árbol de Piedra

Word-bound Servitors

Janus’ wordbound into several different categories.

First are the angels of weather patterns, including luminaries as the Angel of Gales, the Angel of Summer Showers, and the Angel of the Aeolian Process. Many of these angels were “inherited” from Oannes when the Angel of Water was slain by Belial.

Next are the angels of social disruption, including the Angel of Pranks, the Angel of Lost Fortunes, and the Angel of Outlaws. Larger societal changes might be initiated by a Servitor of Janus, but the Angels who oversee them often end up being closer to David, Dominic, or Gabriel.

Most of the angels of travelers also serve Janus. This includes the patron angels of the migratory populations, the Angel of Traveling Showmen, the Angel of Airline Pilots, and the Angel of Couriers.

And then there are a few odd-balls, like the Angel of First Breath and the Angel of New Years. In many ways, these angels are Janus’ favorites, as they serve to shake up the expectations of his own servitors.


Most of Janus’ tethers are tied to weather patterns, the most notable of these is the Tether of Hurricanes, which forms wherever the winds are blowing strongest. Unfortunately, Janus is rather cavalier when it comes to static tethers. He did little to support the tether in Kitty Hawk or the Murdoc Dry Lake Bed (where the land sound barrier was first broken), and has basically left the Singing Rocks in Ghana to David. In fact, if the tether does not mark the site of some great social upheaval (such as the Palast Church where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses), Janus is content to let his static tethers only last for as long as mortals care about them.

A more complete list of Tethers of Wind can be found on page 79 of Liber Castellorum.

If you’re looking for a place to put a Tether to Janus in a static campaign, you should consider each of the following:

  • A location with high (or musical) winds.
  • An aeronautic wind tunnel.
  • A site where a single act of defiance caused a major social upheaval (sites of communal actions tend to go to Gabriel or David instead).
  • Stops on the Underground Railroad.
  • Places where rogues and scoundrels were considered to have been the main opponents of oppression (Sherwood Forest is squarely in the hands of Janus).


According to Liber Castelorum, a Seneschal of Janus who remains within their tether can ignore his dissonance condition (pg 34). Personally, I consider this hogwash. A seneschal who remains within their tether can easily work off any dissonance that they generate, but if Superiors could just wave their dissonance conditions, why wouldn’t they do so all the time?

As I see it, the Seneschals of Janus forced to mind static tethers are at a significant disadvantage because they constantly have to divert some of their efforts to keeping themselves from falling. This is why Janus favors large and/or mobile tethers. Their word-bound seneschals can still roam about.

It’s not like Janus ignores his other tethers, he just counts on the Rangers to see to them, and if one happens to peter out between Ranger visits, it’s no big deal. Janus is one Superior who is a-okay with change.